Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bootcamp, 5k and More...

Hi All. I hope that this post finds everyone healthy and well.

Things at the Beck house are moving right along. I am happy to report that Spring has finally decided to stick around NC. For awhile there, it was raining 3-4 days at a time... which I have to admit was getting pretty old. But, it sure makes for a green Spring!

James' season is under way.... he has more races this season than last, so needless to say he is very busy. But happy, doing what he loves to do.

If you read the title of this blog, than you would be wondering about Bootcamp. No, I did not join one of our military forces. I'm sure you were concerned there for a minute. If you know anything about me, you'd know that I workout. A lot. Well, I decided I really wanted to start doing something more challenging, so I joined a 6 week bootcamp, that meets 3 times per week on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays. The instructor who teaches the PM class, is a triathlete so needless to say, he enjoys running. Running is not one of my strong suits. But for that dreadful hour, I pretend that I can do it, and try to get through it. Which somehow I do. So far, its only been 1 week. I am already feeling different. When you begin to push yourself, you really learn what you are made of. You stop craving bad foods, after all- that is what got me here. A cheeseburger here, a french fry there, and voila! Time for bootcamp. I'll be sure to try and give you updates as often as I can.

Also in the title, was 5k. Yes, I ran my first 5k today, which is 3.1 miles. To some, this doesn't seem like a lot. However, go ahead and complete one, and then get back to me, okay? First off, its hard. I really wouldn't consider myself to be out of shape, but today as I was plugging along I thought, Really? This is all I can do? Here is what I have learned about running.

1. The first 10 minutes are the worst. Your lungs are trying to fill with a neverending supply of air. All you can think about is stopping and lying on the ground.

2. No matter how much water is consumed prior, there is always the appearance of the horrible side-ache. The one where you could probably be sure that someone scooped out a hole in your stomach.

3. This is when the legs start to cramp. You can feel your toes begin to curl in your shoes. One false move and a full blown Charlie horse cramp will take place in your shoe.

4. After about mile 2, you just learn that the sideache will subside, and eventually you get used to the shakey-crampy leg feeling. As long as one foot goes in front of the other, you can do it. Do not stop and walk- it only makes it harder. Although- 1 point for me, for not walking until I crossed the finish line.

I wasn't first, but I wasn't last either. A lot of my fellow boot-campers were there, so that made it nice when I finished. J came to watch me, which was nice to know he supports me. This will not be my last 5k. There is a 5 mile run (a little less than a 10k) in July that climbs Grandfather Mountain. It is an extremely hard race, as it is a constant incline so I would really need to work up to that. But that is why you create goals!

Other than that, we are doing really well. I only have 3 weeks of school left and then that's it!! I guess I will have plenty of time to train for the races.

I hope everyone is well. I know this post has no pretty photos, but look for some next time. We did some serious yardwork a few weeks ago, so I will be sure to post some pics then.

Take Care,