Monday, December 21, 2009


Yes. I could be classified as a blogging loser since I haven't posted since October. I just haven't felt like writing and dangit- I've been busy! My days are filled with teeth and my nights were filled with fitness and final vacation plans (yes, our big vacay was a few weeks ago, and of course- deserves a blog all on its own). So lets try and remember what November had to offer.

1.) The cold weather made an ugly appearance. No- we didn't get snow here. But I have lived where it is nasty and snowy 7 months out of the year- aka Idaho- so I am allowed to complain about our 40-50 degree weather, thanks.

2.) My beautiful momma- aka Beaut- had knee surgery (in which they had to break her leg...). Talk about stressful for all parties involved! *Disclaimer: You should know that my family is VERY close and we get very nervous about anesthesia, flying, traveling, surgery...anything that could inevitably lead to dieing. I know it seems morbid to some, but lose a spouse/father and you'll understand.* My pretty had surgery one week before Thanksgiving and I am oh-so-happy to report she is doing well and is now learning to walk! :o) She is such a strong lady- and so much my idol. J and I traveled to Kentucky to have Thanksgiving, as she was only 1 week post surgery and in true beaut fashion- we braved Black Friday...wheelchair and all and went to some of our fav. stores. We won't let a broken leg stop us! She is now only using one crutch at times and is scootin' around the house a little bit at a time. You go-girl! A pic of us- in Yankee Candle no less. A big fav. of ours.

3) Our friends Jackie and JP- finally got married...hence the pretty pic of me and hubs at the header of our blog. It was B-E-A-UTIFUL! Of course I have pics to post...but you can see their wedding photos at quite an amazing photographer!

4) The racing season is officially over- and Mr. J and team finished 2nd in points overall- which is a LEAP from their standing last year. Yes, I was the very proud wifey.

5) As mentioned above- we had a great Thanksgiving. Unfortunatley for us, our drive to KY is longer now that a lovely rockslide took place in the pass in the Smokie Mountains between NC and TN. But, all was well in the driving world since we left at odd times and hit NO traffic. Mmm-hmm, go us.

So that is November in a Nutshell. December has been a pretty great month thus it started with a bang since we went to.... Costa Rica!

So, be on the look out for that post soon. You won't want to miss the monkeys.