Thursday, July 23, 2009

Aches, pains and updates.

I know that its been awhile...but summer is here and we are BUSY!

Summertime is a very busy time for me at work...since all of the kids are out of school, and James' schedule has 4 back to back races.

Sometimes life gets overwhelming and the months seem to fly by. If you let yourself think about it too much, it is easy to get caught up in the daily mundane routines.....wake up early, work, run, sleep...repeat times 5. When you think about it this way- it can be downright depressing. But such is life.

I am 5 weeks in to training for my half marathon. Did I mention this in the other posts? I can't remember. So far, it has been challenging. My longest run thus far will take place this Sunday- where I will run 8 miles. Pushing yourself to do something like this teaches you a lot about yourself. Everyday, something new is sore. My knees are iced nearly every night, so I can make it through another run the following day. Icy Hot and Aspercreme are now part of my daily grooming if you get the hint of menthol in the air, I could be looming close by. On top of running, I am back in bootcamp twice per week. So, there is no spare time to rest! Although it is very hard work....I know its going to so be worth it!

I would continue writing, but my eyes are struggling to stay open. I will try to post more later.