Saturday, July 31, 2010


Its pretty embarrassing that I haven't blogged on here in so very long. Everytime I think about it, it seems overwhelming to come here and do an "update". I don't know the last time I blogged- I should probalby go ahead and check. Mmmmk. It was APRIL when I wrote last. Seriously?!?

I really don't have the energy to go through a detailed synopsis of everything that happened. But here it is in a nutshell:
*We celebrated our 6 year anniversary May 2...
* I turned 26. Kind of depressing as I am now another year closer to 30.
*I went to Kentucky twice- to meet the newest addition to the farm- a sweet colt named Cooper and again in July to spend time with my momma and my sister who flew in from AK.
*Sweet baby Caris and Bella are now BFF's and play all the time with eachother. It warms my heart.

Other than that I have just been working and running. My half marathon is about a month away now and things are going really well.

So, thats a VERY short version of everything that is going on. I will try to write more soon.