Tuesday, August 28, 2012

3 months.

Apparently I have been on a bit of a hiatus, no? I'll admit it- I have thought about logging on here A LOT over those 3 months. But that thing called life showed up and there were things I had to deal with that I just couldn't sit here and focus on saying anything earth shattering. I even took quite a long break from reading my Top 20 (my fav's that I have bookmarked and follow) and just lived life.

Tonight I was catching up on my favorites and was reading this one. I love her posts and her heartfelt words she always writes about her daughter. It doesn't hurt either that she is literally one of the cutest pregnant girls I have ever dealt with. As I was catching up on her latest vacation- she mentioned something I had forgotten about. A blog book. She had posted about this awhile back- but I think I was in one of my many ruts that I have fallen into this year. But as I was reading it- I thought...This is why I need to blog again. This is why I need to write down exactly what I am thinking and what is happening. Because if I don't...I am going to forget. I am going to forget how I felt, about the experience, about that moment in time that needs to be remembered. That I need to remember.

So I got myself out of my warm nook in the corner of the sectional and got my laptop out of hiding. She has really been in hiding since last December when iPad came to town- and she also put herself there because she is missing a key and her cursor likes to jump around randomly which makes me irate. BUT, its the only one I can successfully log into this blog of mine on. So, here I am.

At this point, my blog book would be a sorry, pitiful book. So, I am going to fill it. Its going to be an amazing look back on what was happening in this life of mine. So that maybe someday I can sit down and really relive the things I want to remember.

So- my 34 followers- thank you for not losing hope and for hanging on. I'm back- and I hope you are happy!

Many posts to come!

And- in case you wondered about the blog book- this is where you can find them!

Oh! Side note- if you know of anyone who is a genius at blog design- this chicken needs some help- so send them my way! XO