Thursday, August 28, 2008

Rainy Days.

I can't believe its almost been a month since I have blogged. Is blogged an actual word? Anyways- in case you have watched the weather news lately, you'll already be aware of the fact that we have been running around with life jackets on from all of this rain we have been getting. Hurricane season is in full swing over here on the East coast. Just yesterday, James and I were flooded in and couldn't leave for work. There is currently only one way in and out of our area which proves to be a real problem when it has rained for the past 2 days, allowing the adjoining field to flood and run across the road at a rapid rate. There were parts of Charlotte that were so badly flooded, you couldn't see the side mirrors on cars, and people were being evacuated in boats from apartment buildings. I am thankful we don't live any closer to the coast than we do.

In other news, things have been busy in the Beck household. Not many new things to report on I suppose. James is still busy with his job, and we are still keeping our fingers tightly crossed that something great comes along for him. I hope with all of my heart it is soon...he deserves so much more. I am on a much needed 5 day break from work and am enjoying every minute of it. August was a slammed month for me at work- and pair that with trying to learn French and do my Criminal Justice courses, I was feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. But, things are starting to even out and I am getting back into the swing of things.

I am sad to report that my lightning bugs are gone for the year. I hope that they will come back and make a much bigger spectacle of themselves next year as they took forever to arrive this year. We are also in the process of getting rid of our pine trees. I am actually pretty sad about it, but there are beetles here that have killed them. Dead pinetrees means a great chance for them to come timbering on top of our home or onto our powerline. So, our power company is going to be removing them for us as well and taking out some others who are proving to be pesky problems. It was hard for me to see my trees tagged...but when you come from Arizona where it is dry and ugly and the only trees there are Palm trees, you become quite attached to the woods and many trees that live there. But I am assured that there are many baby trees that are waiting to sprout once the big ones are out of the way. So, I remain hopeful.

I head off to San Diego for a conference next week for my I doubt I will blog before than.

I hope everyone is well,


P.S. I thought the page could use something colorful, so I chose a photo that makes me smile. Us with Yama and Nandi

This was taken on our trip to the Beach this summer. One of life's greater moments.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Bugs of Light.

Since we have moved to this beautiful state, I have become fascinated by Lightning Bugs, or Fireflies or The Bugs of Light. Needless to say I have been very disappointed by them this year. They have not been out very much and I have been very sad.

BUT- much to my dismay I have completed a tiny dream of mine. Maybe it was more of a wish than a dream. In any event- we could call it a Drish. Perfect!

I was inside working a paper and my other half came inside to inform me (as he was outside being a dutiful husband changing my oil) to tell me that the lightning bugs were out. So, I hurried to finish my paper and grabbed my camera. I was determined to document a Lightning Bug glowing in my hand.

I romped around outside for 20 minutes or so, unsuccessfully catching one. Ever tried it? Its not easy. They like to hang out deep in the woods which I was hesitant to play around in there because there are things in there out to get me. Like Poison Ivy. No thanks. But it didn't matter because since I live in the Amazon June-August, I was still eaten alive. And YES, I even had bug spray on. But it doesn't matter- don't be fooled by the OFF! on the can. It really means ON! in bug language.

After frustration and disappointment fell upon me, I recruited a volunteer to help me. I don't know if he actually volunteered, but he was willing. Right?

So a half hour Drish came true. Make sure you turn up the volume. It cracks me up.

Needless to summer is complete.