Thursday, April 22, 2010


I've been looking back through all of my previous posts and have to laugh at myself as almost all of them start with some line like "I'm a blogging slacker"...SO, although that sentence would once again be true, I won't say it. :)

How is everyone? We are doing well. Spring has finally shown its beautiful 70-80degree face to us...and I am loving every minute of it!

The Racing season is underway and has gotten off to a rather rocky start, but a start nonetheless. Fingers crossed that things start looking up.

I've really just been "livin' the dream" ... work, workout, run, sleep repeat over and over. My mom came to visit me last weekend- which was such a great time- we had an awesome girls weekend...spent some time at the spa, shopping, eating and just catching up. I love her.

The beginning of March we did adopt a new baby kitten which I am sooo thrilled about! I had been wanting another Bella but J really didn't want one, so I said either a small dog or cat...and voila! We got a cat. Her name is Caris (pronounced Care-iss) and she is literally the sweetest baby ever. Bella is getting used to her and they are finally starting to romp around together.

Other than that, we have really just been moving along. We have been doing a lot around the house...yardwork, pressure washing...etc. And finally we will be starting to finish our bar- which I cannot wait for!
I hope everyone is well...Until next time,