Thursday, February 9, 2012

The sounds of DIY

I hear the sound of the grinder in the garage. Cutting through some sort of tile by very capable hands and a tile saw that is amazing. Though I am not in the garage, I know it's the grinder and I know it's tile. I know this because we are elbow-deep in our master bathroom renovation. A renovation started 2 weeks ago,spurred on by a jetted bath tub that was ridiculously on sale. So here we are, steering clear of water leaks and cut waterlines, covered in sawdust and grout. This is what true DIY is all about. It's nothing like a series on TLC or HGTV. It's messy, irritating and sometimes costly due to mistakes of others...but damnit- it is gratifying knowing that we did that. It was a horribledirtyannoying project, but we did that. Such a random post, but I had to write. I would add photos but apparently IPad is not interested in helping a girl out. Hugs on this random Thursday.