Saturday, February 16, 2013


As per usual, it has been awhile (ummm 3 months...) since my last post. I always have things to say, but always have some mad brainstorming ideas when I am barreling down the roadway. And naturally I do not write them down- as well, lets be realistic- that would be considered unsafe.

So, as I was catching up on my favorite blogs, listening to Pitch Perfect for the upteenth time- (Rebel Wilson anyone?) snowflakes are falling, and the fire is roaring (okay, gas fires don't really "roar") I finally felt inspired.

While I have taken this time off from blogging I have really watched a couple of my favorite, go-to blogs change and evolve. Some good and some not so good, in my own, personal opinion. And the not so good ones I think are because of sponsorish type things. I can appreciate sponsors and wanting to get your blog out there to gain more readers and exposure. However, I just feel like a lot of the posts that are sometimes put out there are so scripted and fake. 10 tweets about different sponsors are fine- but "I love this girl!" simply cannot apply to everyone, can it? This also includes putting sponsored post after sponsored posts. Readers are really not interested in your "sponsored opinion" nor do I ever click on the link of the person who is sponsoring that ad. I really do understand why people have sponsors and why people choose to pay for ad space. But I just think readers need a break- I read certain blogs because I like the author and what they write about. Don't we all? Sidenote: I plan on buying ad space at some point or another from blogs that I love, but from those who don't compromise their blog. This did not intend to ruffle any feathers- its just my observation and thoughts. End personal opinion rant.

Now- I am going to go enjoy the snow that has literally begun to look like the inside of a snowglobe. This is the first true snow we have had in over 2 yes, I am happy to see the flurries.

Until next time my sweets...