Sunday, January 15, 2012


I feel so behind in the blog world. I am behind on my reading and searching of new and insightful blogs. I can't really explain my slump...or how I feel. I can tell you that I am not really sure where my blogging is going from here. So many blogs have been talking about getting "caught up" in blogging, trying to respond to all of the comments and form connections with new, amazing people. I try my best to reply to my followers {by going to their blog and commenting, but many times my browser doesn't like your comment feed or vice versa, and then I can't leave comments- which makes me frustrated and I give up}. But, one thing I am sure of, is that blogging can't/won't take away from the things I need in my life. Like a clean house, a happy husband, a phone call from someone important, and happy fur children. Lets also not forget my job (a girls gotta eat) and my gym time. I am exhausted and haven't found the time or energy to think of amazing and thoughtful things to blog about. Trust me, I have things to say- but let's be honest. The internet is a HUGE place..full of billions of people. Those that know you, those who don't, those that judge you, those that love you. Can you really and truly put yourself out there? Probably not without hurting some people in the process or it coming back to bite you in the proverbial ass. We all deal with mean people, trying circumstances and have really bad I think that is what I am trying to figure out. What I want to say and how I want to say it. I am a very honest person- sometimes to a fault so rest assured I will try my best to always have an honest place to write my words. Hang in there with me. I think we are on the road to figuring it out.


Monday, January 2, 2012

2011- A year in review.

Such a popular post this one- but what can I say, I feel like I have to say a proper goodbye to this year. I don't address some months, because they were those months that kinda shot on by. Here is a snippet of what our year looked like...

In short, I am so happy to say goodbye to 2011. I am so thankful for our health, our families and our friends.

Cheers to 2012!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Oh Christmas...

Where did you go?

Seriously- I had been counting down to Christmas for MONTHS. MONTHS, I tell you. This is what happens everytime there is a set date for me to reunite with my family and my beauts (le momma & le sister).

Last Tuesday night we headed out in the dark to the Bluegrass state...oh Kentucky how I love thee. Well- except for the fact you are a mere 6 hours away. But that's okay- they make cars and husbands who drive them for a reason. Because I simply cannot just pick one photo that represents this wonderful time of the year- here is an assortment...

Annual cookie decorating competition- its usually not g-rated between these two.

Naked cookies

I wish I could tell you that it was awful. But it wasn't. Thanks PLL for this bakery recommendation!

Late night poker time.

My Alaskan bebe sis

My beauts, circa 2011.
Annual Gingerbread house- love our own traditions.

Yes- the cookie to the right has on chaps- with his ass hanging out. Told you.
And lets not forget about a few of my new, favorite things!
Such great family ( &hub) who got me so many things I was coveting on my list! They are truly my  heart- and not just because they buy me things. :)

And, no holiday season would be complete without a few things I may, or may not have purchased accidentally for myself.
I never thought I could cheat on MAC, but we are having a full-blown love affair.

So in love with my new Sigmas...
So, there you have it- my Christmas in a nutshell. I know its a week late- but I needed to unplug for a bit {more on that in my New Years post}.

In the meantime- I wonder if you think I am a serious person. I can assure you, that 92% of the time- I am not.
   Your proof.
I am pretty sure Photobooth on Ipad is the best thing invented. Ever.  So many other great pics- but they happen to be of others- and I wish to preserve my relationship with them. You're welcome mom.
Many hugs my pupcakes!