Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas...Weekend!

I will be away, enjoying the time with my loved ones but wanted to wish each and every one of my most favorite followers a wonderful, peaceful, loving Christmas...Until next week my loves!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Thanks to this hottiemchotterson for this idea...



I am a HUGE book lover. And am sadly not reading one right now...because I am waiting for this one to hopefully be in my stocking. Or under the tree. Or somewhere with my name on it.

Current Playlist
OH get ready for this one. I rarely listen to music- and yes, my commute is about 40min each way. BUT, lately I have been rocking out to these boys..
OH yes, I just went there. And I know all the words.

Current Drink
I am in serious love with sparkling water and a wedge of lime right now.

Current Food
Cucumbers soaked in apple cider vinegar with pepper. Seriously- I adore.

Current Favorite Show

Current Needs
 To be enveloped in Christmas. 

Current Triumph(s)
Being up in the gym, workin' on my fitness 5-6 days a week. In winter. Go me.

Current bane(s) of my existence
Feeling like I am stuck in a hamster wheel.

Current celebrity crush
Channing much?

Current #1 blessing
That this sexy beast (who I have to admit, completley rivals Channing) is healthy.

Current indulgence
I have to stop eating these.

Current outfit
Sorry- no pics of this mess. But I can tell you that I am wearing:
White NorthFace Fleece, Pants from Express, Sweater from American Eagle. Yes, its "Cold, Casual Tuesday."

Current excitement
Being reunited with none other than my beauts. PLEASE tell me they aren't gorgeous.

Current mood

Current favorite holiday decoration
Ms. Gorgeous.

Current #1 item on your wishlist
These please.
Current new year's resolution
To be debt free. Booyah.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I confess...

That after this blog, there is a good chance you won't be my friend any more. But, you should know my fingers are crossed that you will still want to be friends. K?

I get asked a lot about my hair- I rarely wear it the same way everyday. I am so not the kinda girl who straightens their hair everyday- parting it the same way, everyday. First off, my current bangs drive me insane most days. So, that equals many braids, twists and bobbies. Please tell me you know bobbie, yes?
In any event, I always get asked about what I use on my hair. {Which I am saving for some future posts- keep your eyes peeled for my Covet List: Hair Edition}. But, here is something I can share with you.

Did you catch on to the one thing all of these photos have in common? Other than the fact that I apparently change my hair color- alot? {Don't worry, we won't ever be going back platinum}Yep- DIRTY hair. This girl, as in  me- does not wash her hair except every 4 -5 days. Which I guess could also be once a week?? Go ahead and put your judgy pants on, because I am okay with my dirty hair. Now, there will be times when it is necessary to wash it 2 or 3 times a week. For example, if I happen to be on a 4 mile run and get caught in a torrential down pour? I will go ahead and wash my hair. If I happen to sweat so much during a workout that it looks like I washed my hair? I will go ahead and wash my hair. See? I'm practical. And besides- the best part about not washing my hair is telling people. Its worth it to see their eyes get huge and where I can almost see that convo bubble appear above their head that says, "SO, you DON'T shower?" Ummm, no. I never said I don't shower, I said I don't wash my hair. There is a difference my friends. Yes, I shower. Everyday. I'm fairly certain my husband would be offended if I didn't wash off my daily gym sessions.

Another fact? I never, ever use dry shampoo. Gasp. I.KNOW. I have no idea how this is possible. I am thinking its because my hair is colored (and has been since I was about 14 or so) and thick. So maybe it soaks up daily oils & sweat? Other than that- I truly don't know.

Also, when I do wash my hair- I only wash it at night and go to bed with it wet. Nope- no blow drying on this head of hair. Hence the reason I have had the same blow dryer since I was in highschool. Ya- girlfriend is ancient. I recently donated her to the hub for his RC Car hobby in hopes that I can upgrade for the twice yearly blowdry that may or may not happen to my hair. I guess I was blessed with straight hair- {thanks momma}. And yes- I will use my flat iron or my curling iron if the pillow gnomes went a bit crazy during my slumber.

That's it for this Sunday my peeps.
Now go wash your hair. 

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Let's be real- for one hot (or cold, depending on your geographical location. One point for me, using big words)second. Our friend Mr. Claus is coming to town. And quick. Does anyone else feel like December snuck up on them real quick? I don't like sneaky people months.

We are spending this magical holiday with my family so I wanted my precious tree home, up and sparkling the weekend after Thanksgiving. Normally we don't start this early, but this year I was pretty much gung-ho for operation glitter explosion. {Sending a shoutout to my hub, for being post nasal surgery and doing this with me. Love him!}

I won't chatter much more. So, take a deep breath, imagine yourself in a place of glitter, snow, fire and spiked eggnog. (That's for you Raven- I got you girl.} Yes, its Christmas. Please come and party with me!

So, avoid the malls, the lines, the rude people with jabby elbows. And plant yourself on your couch with your Ipad (santa are you listening? I need this!) and do your last minute shopping. They offer 1 day shipping for a reason!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY-Christmas Style.

Hello my pupcakes! I am linking up with the gorgie Becky on this Tuesday- to bring you one of my DIY's, Christmas Edition. For my new friends who hopped on over here, welcome!

I feel sure that most of my savvy followers are already well aware of the amazing world that is Pinterest? Yes? Good. Well, I had been wanting a new wreath to add to my Christmas mania decor. Though- I did not want to pay high dollar for said wreath...SO, I put on my DIY pants and got busy. At midnight.

What you'll need:
1 wire hanger
1 set of strong fingers
Glue gun
Approx. 60+ ornaments

 1-  Remove tops of ornaments in preparation for a date with a hot glue gun. This is where you need to pay attention- You are NOT going to want to do this. You've probably already said, "Bish, there is no way I am removing every ornament top and hot gluing that shit." Mmm, Yes you are. Trust me- just do it. You will be a sorry son of a gun if you don't.

2- Glue gun time. Glue all tops onto ornaments. Try to avoid hot glue burns. Tho- if you have ever wrangled with a hot glue, you are pretty much aware that this is inevitable.

3- Use a wire hanger and shape into a circle. You may need a manly effort here- it was hard for me to crimp the wire in some places

4- Begin stringing the ornaments into place. I really didn't have a rhyme or reason here.

5- Use shatterproof ornaments. Case in point.

6- Starting to take shape,  yes?

                                                                          Hello gorgeous!

Now, go get busy- you have an wreath to make. Or wine to drink. Whatever.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Glitter Swap!

A few weeks back, two of my most favorite bloggers, one ToohotforwordsRaven and another Bargain Blonde announced their Glitter Swap. An amazing chance to get a fab gift and meet a new friend- sign me up! So, I was thrilled when I saw the little box waiting for me in my mail box..from my new friend, Zara!
Umm- hello gorgeous! Not only is she super cute, but she has great taste too!
I love new things especially when they just arrive in the mail- there is nothing better than Santa, am I right?

Now, go visit my friend in Colorado...Zara! {Thanks girlie, you're the best!}

And for any new visitors- I'm so glad that you decided to come visit me! Kick off your snow boots and tromp around a bit.

Stay tuned for a Christmas filled week.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Honest Wednesday...

True, today is Wednesday. But I chose today to be honest {which I usually always am anyway} on my little blog.

I want to know one thing...Why does it become so hard to make friends as we get older? I say we, in hopes that you who are reading this, feel this way too. And I mean friends that-
   *Share the same interests
   *That truly want to be your friend too
   *That are in the same {or close to} age/stage in their lives
   *That if you want them to listen they will
   *That if you want them to problem solve for you, they will
   *That if you want them to lie and tell you that there are no new wrinkles, they will
  I have friends, yes. And I have 2 best friends...who are related to me- so even if they didn't want to be my friends, they really wouldn't have a choice. But I feel like something is missing. Gone are the days of showing up to a new setting as the new girl and muddling around until you find the friends that suit you best. High school and college are the days that best friends are made...easily. I don't doubt they can't be found now, but why is it so much harder? Gone are the days of...."Hi, I'm Sheena...Do you want to be friends?" There are so many variables, marriage, babies and life in general. I am honestly somewhat embarrassed that I blogging about a topic like this {because who doesn't have friends?}...but as I proclaimed yesterday, I decided to use this blog as my thoughts. And this was weighing heavy on my mind tonight.

I would say its my New Year Resolution...but that might be weird. Or would it? What's wrong with wanting new friends in your life? I say nothing.

So, I am now accepting applications to be real life, friends. Not acquaintances, but friends. Please see above asterisked areas for guidelines.

Much love my pupcakes.

Monday, December 5, 2011

I confess...

I've been meaning to write this post since I saw it on one of my favs blogs- over here. She is SUPER cute!

So here it is...

Confessional Monday...

I confess,

    That I haven't wanted to blog the point where I just wanted to sign off and bid my 24 sweet followers adieu. I know, I know- its me, basically throwing a pity party for myself {don't worry, I am having a party hat bedazzled for myself.} I look at other blogs and think- "wow, they have 500+ followers." How do you get passed the point of not caring about other blogs? Or why people don't comment? Pity party closed. I am now writing just to write and not worry about anything else. K?

    That I am rediculously excited for Christmas. Seriously. My life is not complete unless my Christmas Tree lights are lit, and fire is dancing in my fireplace. Even if its not cold enough to warrant a fire. I dare hub to tell  me its too hot out for a fire.

That today completely kicked my ass. SO much so, that I don't even have the energy to disguise that word so you don't know what it says. {Which brings me to my next point....if you say a%s or trash or arse, isn't it exactly the same thing? Whats that phrase...Mean what you say and say what you mean?} Ya, something like that. Anyways- I am pretty sure everything about today screamed Monday. And then I had a serious workout. The kind where holding a pencil and attempting to sit on the toilet are going to be a huge struggle rightnow tomorrow.

That I loathe and I mean utterly despise- the Education Connection commercials. Seriously- everytime one of those redonk jingles comes on...I cringe. So much so, that I may or may not have rearched how to submit a complaint form online. I was unsuccesful.

That I am kind of over FB at the moment. Between politcal opinons, health plugs and everything in between, I just need a breather!

That even if I never make it to 25 followers I am okay. Because I am thankful for each and everyone of your sweet cupcake faces.

Here's to Tuesday!