Tuesday, September 27, 2011


I am forever in love with this one.
The sweetest little B (no, not that kinda B) that I ever did see! This is her "Please don't leave me and go run momma look." Be still my heart.

Any fur momma's out there? If so, we neeeeeed to be furrends!


Monday, September 26, 2011

Loving & Loathing


Pinterest. I feel sure you already know what this phenomenon is all about, but in case you got lost in a tiny mole hill somewhere, go here. Be prepared, you are going to be overwhelmed with greatness.

Stumble Upon. I was catching up on one of my "feel good, love this girl" blogs, and learned about Stumble Upon. Ahhh-mazing I tell you. You put in your interests and then click the Stumble! button. Seriously, its that easy! It finds such great things. Just another thing to add to my "Why blogs rock my world" list. One of my favorite stumblings?? The finding of this site. Such great uncommon gift ideas.

Fall. Even though we only had some cool weather for a few short days  here {and then apparently I moved to Seattle as its been raining for 6 days straight} its still been pushing the high 80's. And that bish humidity? Ya, she's still here. She just.won't.leave. I WANT FALL! Can I get a Pump-tothe-Kin?


Clocks. Yep- exactly what it sounds like. I would like someone to explain to me why from 8-5 those hands are movin' like they haven't a care in the world but at 5:01 they are hauling ass to get to 6am. Really?!

My fingernails. I am a total acrylic pink & white wearing kinda girl...but have been attempting to embrace my nails for the past 5+months with a gel type of manicure. You should know this is a HUGE deal for me and ma fingers. But we are about to be heading back to the land of acrylic here soon if somebody doesn't get their act together. Tiny nail beds...are you listening? Please stop cracking...I can only take so much!

My laptop. We have been fighting for months now. Ever since the period key took a big dump- or really a big jump- as it has chosen to leave my keyboard and I am now left with this tiny stub for the period key. On top of this issue, I am an amazing typer..typist...typee?? Not sure- just trying to say that those Highschool computer typing tests did these fingers good. Why that is an issue is the fact that we {as in me and my fingers} will be rollin' with some serious verbiage when all the sudden I realize the effing cursor is no where near where we need to be typing. And it just happened. "We need to be to be typing" just jumped 2 paragraphs up. WTF. I have threatened her to no avail...Even with "Don't make me go MAC." Nothing is working and its driving me batty. Don't worry though- hub has an awesome new laptop. Just so everyone knows he's a happy possum. Just thankful he has an awesome non stub period key, jumping cursor, dream of a laptop. Maybe that's what I could have too, if my WPM were 7.

And just because its Monday- who treated me poorly- especially during a run when the skies opened and spit in my face with sideways rain...I leave you with this. Because it makes me smile.
                I want to put her in my pocket. With the 2 pigmy goats I may or may not have smuggled.

Until Next Time,

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My bad.

That I haven't blogged in 11 or so days. I felt sure in my head that I was on a blogging rampage...but alas I apparently was not. Hurupmph.

Last week was a pretty rough week for this household. Think Urgent Care, Emergency Room, $hundreds$ spent on copays and medicine...all with no answers. In short- the Hubly was extremely sick. Scare-the-sh*t-outta-me-sick. Leave work after me being there for one hour and take another day off, sick. A solid 5 days of worry, anxiety, stress, tears and "I hope the MRI comes back normal" convo's. Coming from a family where cancer tends to feel like a watchful cougar ever waiting for its prey, we assumed the worst and were relieved that scans were clear. We are still left with several unanswered questions but are hoping solutions are on our horizon.
So for now we will hold hands, keep close, talk to Him a little bit more, and keep our steady rock, well... steady.

In other news, have you ever came across Stumbled Upon? No? Just wait for my Loving & Loathing post. I have some things to tell you.


Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Operation I want...

One or two, tiny, sweet, beady-eyed, 4-legged, tiny tailed friends.

Exhibit A.

Exhibit B.

I have an amazing post coming on my love for these lil' fellas, but until then- just be aware that Operation Iwantatinysweetbabygoatortwo is underway. So far, I am not winning.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Flying high

No, not that kind of high. The kind where one is exposed to too many people all breathing the same air (my air, mind you), the occasional screaming child or women, (depending on the flight )and the tantalizing aroma that floats from the Bathroom. Which of course there are only two. So, I sit here in 31D trying desperately to stretch my poor, cramped runners knees and glaring at all these fools who can sit in the fully upright position and sleep. Like the snoring kind of sleep. Where do they learn to do that?

Every September I travel for work for a 2 day conference. No matter what, I always encounter something of baffling proportions on my flights. For example, 2 years ago we were headed to Bend, Oregon. On both flights we encountered some SERIOUS odors. I mean the kind that will wake up those snoringsleepingstraightup types. Mmmhmm, it was that bad. It would just come wafting down the aisle searching for a naive nose to corrupt. I get that sometimes things happen and you just cant help it, but this was like no other. Hence the reason it haunts me, now 2 years later.
And no, it wasnt me.
Last year, heading to San Diego, I thought I had hit the jackpot of seats. Exit row, lots of stretchy room for above mentioned knees- nevermind the fact that if we were to head towards any water, I had first access to the door. Oh- you thought I was one of those girls that would make sure everyone exited safely? Sorry- that door opens and me and my floatie are outie. I cant hang around and wait to be trampled by panicked passengers. Anyway, here I was in this glorious exit aisle, with my traveling companion next to me, and a man in the Marines by the almighty exit door. I had just been dozing off when this shot of a sound sounded in my ears like someone just smacked my eardrum. Horribly irritated I look over to see a bear of a man slapping down a coin on the Marines tray. Dont know about that tradition? Neither did I. Go here to find out. They had a good, loud Marine-to-Marine chat about their coins and who was buying who drinks when I realized my lofty space was turning into a hangout spot as I was somewhat near the bathroom. This resulted in people leaning on my seats, AKA atleast one buttcheek on my neck and my toes getting trampeled. Seriously??

So today we are heading back to the West Coast (my old home of coasts) to the Diego de San. Once again, I find myself by the B as in bathroom. Where people line up like they are giving away free ipads, where the minute I step into the bathroom, the "buckle seatbelt sign" illuminates and turbulence starts and where the everytime I press the flush button, it scares the sh*t out of me.

Does anyone have any stories like that? Or are you one of those blessed situpstraightsleepers?

I'm off to try and stretch my legs. Better get in line.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I might have a problem...

With reality TV. I am sure I'm not alone in this...hello, anyone else out there??

But I might need to seek help for my Reality TV obsession. Now, you should know that I don't even feel bad for it. I love my shows, but it seems to be that it is ALOT of what I watch. I would like to take this opportunity to blame my Super Loves{Grey's, Private Practice, Desperate Housewives} who are currently on their summer break. Hello September and Season Premieres!

So, what has my DVR all bogged down? Sons of Guns, Golf 101, Nascar- oh sorry, that's the husband's shows.

Here is what keeps me goin':

The Bad Girls= CA-RAZZY TOWN. Where do they find these girls? I mean seriously, watch one episode and you'll be hooked.

Need I say more? I am SO tired of Vienna Sausage and Guardandprotectyourheart Casey

Arizona family- dealing with the Economy...love it.

Here starts my Real Housewives Habit- these Joisey girls? Love them and their 'tudes.

You've been under a rock if you don't recognize this clan.

Another RH Habit- this time on the opposite coast...Beverly Hills Baby! You may have also seen recently that a husband from this season committed suicide. My thoughts are with Taylor's, {second from the right in maroon} family. So tragic.

Umm...again- under a rock are we?
This one baffles me...flippers on a five year old? Burning your 4 year old with eyebrow wax? Seriously?!
If you read my Britney post, you already knew about this one.

A new one I stumbled across...think Toddlers & Tiaras meets ridiculous stage moms meets unruly dance teacher.

I bloody freakin' love this guy- and his rudeness and swear words. Yep- Me + Ramsey = Pure entertainment.

So, are you tired yet?? All I know, is that when I compiled this list I wasn't quite aware of how many shows I keep up with. Now before you get judgy {so not a fan of judgies- more on this another day}I do not park my tail in front of le tele for hours upon hours. I do have a J-O-B , 2furbabies, a hugebaby husband & house that need my constant attention. But somehow I manage to squeeze in my shows. Praise you- inventor of all mighty DVR that I can control from my online account. Yep- you know the way to this girls heart. While on this topic- How to get a one-way flight outta this girls heart? Deleting or cancelling the recording of any of the aforementioned shows. Believe you me..its happened. On more than one occasion. Oh- the TV just stopped recording? Luckily, for the shallremainnameless culprit- I have Hulu. I'd recommend that should a  Sons of Guns or Pawn Stars epi go missing- it wasn't me. It just stopped recording.


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its Britney B*sch.

This post is overdue as I just recently became BFF's with my homegirl B 1.5 weeks ago, but that thing called Life got in my way. So- I got my ducks somewhat back in something that resembles a row, and I'm back to tell you my experience with the all might B.

Firstly (is this a word?) I am a huge Britney fan. Raven are you listening?? I mean, gimme a yellow snake and a green halter with sparkly booty shorts and I assure a rendition of I'm a Slave 4 U will be done just for you. Even when pretty girl was just starting out and we were all just little tikes with our discmans...
Remember this? Straight from the Mickey Mousers- circa Hit me Baby and Driving people Crazy era.

And you knooow ALL about K-allIwantisyourmoney K-Fed. Atleast she got 2 super cute bebes outta the deal.

Insert a tragic breakdown. Sometimes a girl just can't deal with hair and paparazzi all at once.

And no matter if she had hair or was locked away in her bungalow- I was still Team Britney. {you can find this cute shirt, here.}
And then my girl came back. Oh how did she ever come back.
So, when I found that she was headed to my neckathewoods, I was de-lighted. SO excited! Thrilled I tell you! Do you get it?

I will tell you the the hubs would have gone with me, if I had no other options. However, I did have another option. Meet Lena,
Us on our way to see our girl, post MACification.
So, we are in our seats {that my aforementioned pink haired lovely secured for us one 10am Saturday morning from the Master of the Tickets}and we were in love with our seats. It had a great view of everything and we loved how close we were. Section 114 and us were BFF's. In fact, we were so in love with our seats, this was an actual convo that happened:

L: I just got a text, {from her inside source} and we could move to 4th row...on the Floor.

Me: {Mid- fist pumping & possibly screaming to Pauly D} Oh really?! {no longer fist pumping and now surveying said 4th row- on the floor} I don't know- what do you think? I really love our seats- and it kinda looks crowded.

L: I know...well, we would go down there, see what its like and then come back to these seats if we don't like it.
Me: Oh, okay! Lets do it!

Have you already figured out that there was no way we were going back to our beloved 114? Lets just say that the 4th Row holds a special place in my Britney-loving-heart.
Yep, all that happened and PD was still going strong. {Back to fist-pumping!}
The hub might have been a smidgey jelly that PD was there...we are big JS fans. The cabs are here!

And don't worry- this is where someone's wasted 16 year-olds could be found- this was actually the g-rate version of what was happening. About 30 seconds later, you could see some nakedness. Which would be posted here, if my camera hadn't been having a hiccup.

And this is when 4th row stole my heart. There she was. The MickeyMousing, former JT,Jasonsomebody,Kfed loving, post head shaving, dance-it-like-you-mean it, Britney. 

Needless to say, it was an AMAZING night. AHHH- MAZING, I tell you!

Until next time,