Monday, October 31, 2011

Minute Monday

Happy Halloween! My official Halloweenie post will be happening tomorrow...because I am busy fluttering around today {yep, another clue to the costume!}.

So until that unveiling I leave you with this, on Minute Monday.
No, these are not my sweets. As they are currently sacked out by the fire and I simply cannot disturb them. But really- I'm not in the mood for that battle. Aren't these two the sweetest penguin and scuba diver ever??

Sunday, October 30, 2011


Its a mere 40 degrees here on this fabulous Sunday morning...hence the brrrr's in the title. October is leaving us tomorrow and it looks like November isn't playin' with the temps anymore. My fingers are crossed that we can still eeek out some 70ish kinda days. Hubly is out freezing his ass off golfing- and me and my girls are where everyone should be on this kind of the fire!

In any event...I LOVE new friends! So, I am playing the linky game today!

If you are a newbie who is party-hopping or landed here just because- then Welcome! If you already belong to my small gaggle of bloggie loves- then welcome back pupcakes!
A few things to know about my blog-diggity. I write things that are on my mind and in my heart. I started blogging in hopes of meeting new friends and writing about life. I am married to Mr. McHotty- also referred to as Hubly and have been for 7 years. The epitome of highschool lovbirds, if you will. Mom to 2 adorable furbabies and movie star. Okay the last one might be a stretch. Anyway- Join me as we talk about...

 Halloween..Can you guess where this costume is going?
Operation I-want-a-goat-or-two. Come with me in my journey to convince Hubly that 2 pigmy goats ARE a good thing. So far, I am not winning.

And as we go back to my "roots"..both in life and in haircolor. After all, what is life without family, tradition, the holidays and favorite things?
Stay tuned...we said goodbye to the blondey browney and are welcoming our new friend dark chocolate!

Cheers to new friends!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Recap..

I know I haven't blogged allllll week long. Because it would be weird to blame myself I choose to blame running, working and leaving for a tiny trip on Wednesday. Therefore being unable (really unwilling to blog from phone). In case you didn't know- hubly works in Racing. {Think along the lines of Nascar- just a different series}. So, we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. Shout out to Ashley and your new home city! The weather was FAB this weekend, No?
Anywho- we took a jaunt down the the Southern Carolina in search of a win for the raceteam and to grab onto some relaxation in the sun. Thank the heavens above me that the sun cooperated this weekend, because this little lady needed some recharge time STAT.
Not bad for mid-October, am I right? I don't know that it was entirely appropriate that this body was donning a swimmie but I did. And it was awesome.

Because I am simply too lazy to post a pic from the race this weekend, this is a race from earlier this year- just to give you a glimpse. This pic on the left is when he is the Jackman. 
And then he is also the Crew Chief...See, he's famous. In any event, the race didn't go as amazing as planned, but following this horrible event- I am just thankful that everyone involved is well. My thoughts and prayers are with Dan Wheldon's family.
In other news...I found this at one of my recent trip to Target. {Expect a post coming soon about my addiction to this store. Something has got to be done. #interventionmaybenecessary}
Does this take anyone else back to the good ol' days? I saw these and about died. And then sent the pic to my sister, so we could die together. These books were such a part of my childhood.

Well my sweets- I am home, unpacked and the house is cleaned. My DVR is screaming at me, so I am kicking the hub and his fantasyfootballobsessedself off this TV and playing catchup. Off to watch Grey's, Private Practice, Revenge and any Real Housewives I am behind on.


Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Monday

I know, I know..its only October. BUT, do you know how close Christmas is? Its close my little pupcakes! So, from here on out...Every Monday is Christmas Monday. I was recently accused of focusing on the materialistic part of Christmas- aka I believe Christmas is a holiday because of shopping. Personally, I love learning about myself through others.So, what better way then to talk about the things I WANT!

1. I've said it before. But I am standing my ground. I.want.2.nigerian.pigmy.goats.pronto.


Operation Iwantagoat is not going over so well in this house. I wish that I would have taken a pic of the look that hub gave me just minutes ago, when I enlightened him about the sweet family I met today who had 3 (THREE!) pigmy goats. Let's just say I want them even more. Oh wait- his face was something like this:
In my defense- I have to have two, because goats like to be in herds. Ya hurd? And these little tinies love their buddies, as learned from aforementioned goat owner.

So WHY goats?

Wait- you don't want a goat? Growing up, I lived on a farm- minus the dairy cows, piglets and chickens. But, plus the horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and goat. Yep- this little lassie was surrounded by furry love. And needless to say, I have carried it on into my adulthood. My family added a goat to our brood as one of our mares gave birth and sadly lost her life not shortly after. SO, this left a tiny baby horse without momma milk. Meet my sweet homegirl goat, Tiff. {There would be an awesome picture here, had I got the gumption to go scan some photos in} Not only was she a milk producing machine, we were 4-H superstars- yep we were Champs! And yes, she is the one who taught me how to speak goat. Seriously though. I can. I guess she + the tiny goat Rudy I used to goatsit for, have made me love the little tarts. They are the sweetest, most spunky, affectionate and playful little things ever.

 I am busy drafting a letter to my "kind-of" neighbors {they live about a half a mile from me}to let them know that in the event they need assistance, I would gladly goat sit for them. Do you think that is creepy- especially if they have no idea who I am? I will tell you that I will only babysit as long as they are happy-on-a-farm-you-can-use-me-for-milk-but-not-eat-me kind of goats. This girl cannot go through that.

Well my peeps- enjoy the rest of your Monday...and rest easy, because tomorrow is Tuesday which is one step closer to the weekend!


Monday, October 10, 2011

Thankful Monday.

You know those days where "thankfullness" slaps you between the eyes? Ya, that was my day today. If you've been following for a bit, then you know we've had some medical things going on and today came with good answers and nothing too serious. Therefore I bring to you Thankful Monday.

Number 1.
 I am thankful for my peeps. My family, my friends, my coworkers- who all have been there for us this past month. They are keepers.Well, most of them are. Just kidding. But seriously though.
Number 2. 
My hub. We've almost been married for 8 years and I am proud to report that he is now getting a hang of the hamper thing. Well almost, but not really. Let's focus on the positives right?

                                                    I kid, I kid. That's not him.

                               There he is- with his superwife. She is ahhmazing me. Obvi.
Number 3.
 Good movies that make me cry. From laughing so much.
                                I watched this for the 3rd time today- and STILL die. Literally.

That's all I got for today. Hope your Monday is anything but mundane..


Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The lack of service.

Something you should know- I have some SERIOUS expectations when it comes to customer service. No matter where I go- the grocery, doctor, restaurants, banks, on the phone, in the name it- you need to treat a customer right! At the office I work for we strive to provide excellent service to all of our I think it makes me uber sensitive to service, or should we say lack there of. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like companies now (or should I say their employees) really don't care too much about the level of service they are providing.

Case in point,

True Story.

I walk into my doctors office to check in for an appointment. There is no one in front of me so I am standing there looking at the precious peach who is ignoring me. She is not on the phone. I stand there for a good 38 seconds before she even looks up. To which she greets me with "What do you need?" With a look glued to her face like I am a moldy bag of bread that she just found in her bread box. Ummm, 'scuse me? What do I need? Well, since we are here in said Doctors office, I'm gonna go ahead a take a stab at maybe I am a patient checking in? SERIOUSLY? The worst thing about this, is upon sharing my annoyance with the hubly, he said the same thing and he has been there more than me. She is now affectionately known to us as OfficeB. And I can't promise that I didn't fill out their survey that showed up in the mail, with the aforementioned experiences with her name. Yep- I went there.

This leads me to my next case in point,

True Story.

My running buddy's birthday was last friday and we celebrated with an amazing dinner in Uptown where I may or may not have had a bit too much wine. Which is fine- because I am a pretty great time. In any event- lets rewind. I don't work on Fridays- but am always busy. You name it- it needs to be addressed on Friday. Anyways- I was rushed. In post-gym clothes, I go to a local store to get my friend some wine for her birthday. I know nothing about wine {except a few pointers a good friend gave me} so I went with that + the cutest label (duh) and proceeded to the checkout. Where the sweet cashier told me that I look much younger than the age on my license. Bless you, you sweet girl. Remember we are in a hurry? I get home only to look at the wine bottle and realize it has a party hat on. Nope, not the kind you might putonyourdogfortheirbirthday find at a party. But this kind.

What's that you ask? Oh, just an electronic alarm. Yep- the kind that requires a special key that I DO NOT have. So, I call the store. " Oh, I am so sorry mam, but you can't remove that without the'll break the neck of the bottle." Me: "Well that's awesome. This is a gift for someone that I need to give to them in 30 minutes. I do not buy wine, I do not understand why this bottle has a party hat on, but I need it to come off. Please help."

20 minutes later, an employee from the store shows up at my house with the magical key and removes the not-so-awesome party hat. Nope, I didn't make it up. It seriously happened. Can we say AMAZING customer service.

Thats all for today folks. Case in Point? Always greet those who are looking straight at you....and never buy a wine bottle with a party hat on.