Friday, September 26, 2008

Gas. Or lack thereof.

That's right people. While you are all toodling around town, using up gas- over here in The NC we have hardly any. Right before Hurricane Ike, our gas prices went crazy...almost to $5 per gallon for regular unleaded. We then thought we had recovered but now its worse than ever. Yesterday I went to 12 gas stations. No, that wasn't a typo- it really was 12. You may be wondering... ummm, why 12? Because silly, our gas stations are out of gas. OUT OF: as in none, nada, zero. The signs that usually say $4 per gallon now say straight zeros.

See, I told you so. My favorite are the stations that still have prices on their signs, but have bags over the pump handle which you can't see until you are practically in the parking lot of the station- I find that very rude. Back to my story, I drove around while my ugly out of gas light was glaring back at me...praying to find gas. There were a total of 3 gas stations who had gas, but the lines to the stations was 20-30 cars long...people were running out of gas while waiting in line. Because the lines are so long, the cars are backed up for miles, in turn making me late for work. Lets not forget the accidents that are happening because of the lines..rear-endings are now at an all time high. Go us. To finish my story, James had to buy a gas can and bring gas home to me... keep in mind he needed gas too, but his car can only use premium. Yep you guessed it! Of course there is no premium so he had to get another can and drive to Autozone to mix Hi-Octane with regular unleaded. And don't think that just because you actually find gas you can fill up your tank. It will automatically shut off at 10 gallons. So, next time you say ugly words when that gas light blinks on, count your blessings that you have stations with gas.

In other news, life is moving right along. I can't believe its almost October. Where has this year gone? I continue to stay busy with work and school. James is nearing the end of the racing season, in which we continue to stay hopeful that a wonderful job will come his way.

I continue working out, and have started running outside. The weather here has been beautiful (today would be an exception) so I have traded the gym for the outside world.

This picture was taken while running with one of my friends. We took it because we ran down Cat Lovers Lane. It was a good time. I am having pictures taken Sunday for my portfolio...cross your fingers that they turn out okay. If they do, I might just share some with you.

That's all for now friends. Hopefully next time I blog, I'll have a full tank of gas.

Many Hugs,


Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes, I am obvioiusly a slacker in the blogging department. For one, I haven't had time. (This is sometimes when some certain people would say- how do you not have time? You don't have kids.) That statement makes me ugly. I'll tell you why I don't have time. I get up at the buttcrack each morning and work until which I then change clothes and head to the gym- because Pigs Must Run. I leave the gym an hour and a half later which puts me home closer to 7. Then, depending on the day- I have two classes that I must take care of. No, I don't have to go to an actual campus- but thats the way it has to be. I again don't have time to sit in a classroom until 10 o'clock at night. I am constantly doing laundry, playing with Bella- who is like a small child, getting ready for tomorrow, and trying to eat. Before I know it, its after 11. By the way- should you feel necessary to argue and say that a small dog does not equal a small child- I would say you are sadly mistaken. I have often thought about strapping on a diaper to her so that I don't have to worry about any accidents. And most of the time I have to pay full attention, because if you don't you will find her under the bed, with 3 cottonballs and 2 q-tips tucked safely in her cheeks. Mmmhmm- never a dull moment in the Beck Household.

In other news, life continues to plug along. James leaves tomorrow to trek to Iowa for another race... Atleast the season is almost over.

I know this hasn't been the most informational blog, but hey- its better than a poke in the eye, right?