Monday, September 15, 2008


Yes, I am obvioiusly a slacker in the blogging department. For one, I haven't had time. (This is sometimes when some certain people would say- how do you not have time? You don't have kids.) That statement makes me ugly. I'll tell you why I don't have time. I get up at the buttcrack each morning and work until which I then change clothes and head to the gym- because Pigs Must Run. I leave the gym an hour and a half later which puts me home closer to 7. Then, depending on the day- I have two classes that I must take care of. No, I don't have to go to an actual campus- but thats the way it has to be. I again don't have time to sit in a classroom until 10 o'clock at night. I am constantly doing laundry, playing with Bella- who is like a small child, getting ready for tomorrow, and trying to eat. Before I know it, its after 11. By the way- should you feel necessary to argue and say that a small dog does not equal a small child- I would say you are sadly mistaken. I have often thought about strapping on a diaper to her so that I don't have to worry about any accidents. And most of the time I have to pay full attention, because if you don't you will find her under the bed, with 3 cottonballs and 2 q-tips tucked safely in her cheeks. Mmmhmm- never a dull moment in the Beck Household.

In other news, life continues to plug along. James leaves tomorrow to trek to Iowa for another race... Atleast the season is almost over.

I know this hasn't been the most informational blog, but hey- its better than a poke in the eye, right?



The Cook Clan said...

You are so funny! You make me laugh. Thanks for posting. Trust me life does get crazier with kids, but in a good way.

L said...

I love you. And your posts. I am also mad that you don't update more. Your writing is perfection. I couldn't find you for awhile. I'm glad you found me. Thanks.