Thursday, May 21, 2009


So, yes. I suppose an update is greatly needed. I am once again, okay with being labeled as a slacker in the blogging department. Whatever.
I'm trying to recall where I left off the last time. I am actually in my last week of bootcamp...its been a long rough road, but has been rewarding thus far. I finally got new running shoes, which made all the difference as after about Week 3, I was suffering from tendonitis in my achilles, from increasing my mileage to quickly (that was not a good time.) I will take 2 weeks off (as I have to have painful things removed from my feet) but plan to get back into bootcamp again, after that. I despise running, but it truly has made a difference. I now can do 15-20 boy pushups in a row, whereas before bootcamp, I would be lucky to do one. So, I suppose thats an improvement right there.

The beginning of this month, J and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary in Charleston. 5 years has truly flown by quickly. It is amazing to me, how far we have come.

The Middleton Plantation (scenes from The Patriot were filmed here)

Our tour guides, Pat and Ricky

I also hit the big 2-5 this year last week... SIGH. We celbrated with friends and finally had the chance to spend some quality time together, which was really nice.

J is still as busy as ever with racing. The season is going really well so far, so we are thrilled about that.

In other, extremely important news....................

I am a College Graduate! Thats right- no more school for me! I can't believe it is finally is a wonderful feeling. I'm currently at a loss since I am no longer occupying my time with endless papers and homework. I have my Bachelors Degree, and a double major of Management and Criminal Justice. It is truly an amazing feat!

That is about it for us. I'm sure I have left things out...but there is always next time. We are headed to the beach in a few weeks, so I am sure I will post then.

Many Hugs,