Sunday, May 20, 2012


As many of you know, we do not have children. We've been together for 12 years, married for 8 and still no kids. If you are one of those that is just baffled by this- go ahead and take a deep breath, maybe do a downward dog and I'll be here when you are done.

For now, we travel, do what we want at the drop of a hat and love on our furry babies. We currently have a dog and a cat and I love them like they are my children. Yep, I'm one of those.

Bella is a Yorkie-Pomeranian aka Porkie and Caris (Care-iss) is my rescue calico sweetbabylovechild. I have had both since they were babes...Bella for 7 years and Caris for a little over a year. They are BFF's...which is a stark difference from when I first brought Caris home. Bella is EXTREMELY jealous...I mean seriously- jelly bean is her middle name.

But we got through it- and now they love each other.

The husband is NOT an Iloveanimalsmorethanpeople person like I am. If I had my way- I would have my own version of a Dr. Doolittle farm- saving animals from the hands of the horrible  people of the world. (And I must admit I am a bit disappointed I did not get a pair of goats for my birthday. But that's a post for a different day.) However, he has been wanting a "big" dog for years. Yes, years. As in, at least 3. I usually ignored that comment...saying " We don't have the money for that" or " we would need a huge fence" or " I can't deal with a puppy right now"...

Somewhere along the way- I agreed to make the leap. Jump into getting this "big" dog.

One of the reasons I climbed on board, was for protection. Aside from owning a gun (yep- we're those kinda people too) I wanted another deterrent in my life. Bella is convinced she is part Mastiff mixed with Great Dane and her heart would protect me from anything. But lets face it- 10lbs is not alarming or deterring. And if you happen to have a tennis ball in your pocket? Well, she'll pretty much pack her bags and move in with you. A big 100 pound pile of Iwilleatyourfaceifyouevenblinkatmymomma is what I wanted.

So we decided to start looking for what we wanted. And we found him.

Meet our sweet, baby boy...

We decided on a German Shepherd for many reasons...they are horribly smart, they love their families something fierce, are great around children and other pets (when socialized properly) and are amazing protectors- especially when trained. No, we did not rescue him. I wholeheartedly believe in rescuing - we just chose not to for him. So in the event you're feeling overly opinionated, just go ahead and put your judgy pants away. MmmmK?

We have been preparing for him to come home for a little over a month and he comes home this Wednesday. To say I am apprehensive and nervous is an understatement. We are going to be introducing him and Bella in park on neutral territory and kind of make it a very long play date..except he just won't ever leave.

Fingers crossed he is happy and the other children don't try to run away.
Until next time...

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Another Month...

Flew by, without a post. The most annoying thing is I have much to write about. Which in hindsight is nice, because it will take me awhile to catch up.

My friend whom I introduced you to in my last post, lost her mom  to cancer on May 2nd. Its somewhat annoying to say "lost" as if she has gone missing or no one can find her...when in reality, when something like this happens you know exactly where they are. And you would give anything for them not to be there. I often feel like I am saying the wrong thing, not doing enough, pushing too hard to try and help...but in the end, I just wish to be the best friend I can- when the rest of the world expects her to be "over" her grief. 3 months, 8 months, 2 years from now. So many people who haven't been through something like this, put a timeline on grief. Where 6 months goes by and its "Oh, you're still having a hard time?"

 I won't ever forget that day- as it was my 8 year wedding anniversary. And a day when I found a loved one was informed of a new health issue. Needless to say, it was an emotional day.

Our anniversary fell on a Wednesday...and it was so nice to receive flowers from the one who remembers this day like I do.

We kept it fairly low key and took a trip to a delish restaurant- Villa Antonio and called it a night as in the next few weeks we had a trip to the beach planned...and really, how crazy can you get on Wednesday night? I am certainly no spring chicken anymore. Le sigh.

That's it for now my sweets- stay tuned as I have been an instagramming fool lately- which tells a pretty good story of where I have been and where I am headed.