Friday, February 4, 2011


Its raining again. Which honestly I welcome as opposed to the snow that the rest of the U.S. is getting. I have had my fair share of snow and ice and I am not interested in slipping and sliding my way to work.

Things in Beck life are moving right along. I am still running- my Half marathon is March 12. Last weekend we ran 9mi and it was a serious 70degrees. To go from 32 to 70 was great, unless you were running uphill for over an hour with the sun beating down on you. It was SO hot. Honestly it doesn't even feel like I am training but that is most likely because I am not running 15+ miles on the weekend.

The hub is turning 29 tomorrow. Do you know that when we first met, he was 17? And his first birthday present I ever gave him was a mix tape. Yep- my BFF at the time and I spent hours piecing together the perfect lyrics to put together this tape. I wonder if he remembers that it was his first gift? I guess it means something that he kept it, right? I don't have huge plans for him, but trying a new restaurant in Uptown (our downtown) and possibly a dessert bar. Though we've lived here for 4 years, we have just recently discovered all that Uptown has to it.

In other news, I am heartbroken with the things that are happening in Egypt. I have wanted to visit Egypt to see the pyramids and all of the history since 6th grade....was I 12 then? I bring this up, because I have a trip planned to the Mediterranean this April. Egypt just happened to be one of the places I was headed. Its still 2 months away, and anything could happen, but things aren't looking good. I am hopeful the people don't ruin this huge part of history. I can't help but feel immensely disappointed.

Well, that is it for now.