Sunday, October 30, 2011


Its a mere 40 degrees here on this fabulous Sunday morning...hence the brrrr's in the title. October is leaving us tomorrow and it looks like November isn't playin' with the temps anymore. My fingers are crossed that we can still eeek out some 70ish kinda days. Hubly is out freezing his ass off golfing- and me and my girls are where everyone should be on this kind of the fire!

In any event...I LOVE new friends! So, I am playing the linky game today!

If you are a newbie who is party-hopping or landed here just because- then Welcome! If you already belong to my small gaggle of bloggie loves- then welcome back pupcakes!
A few things to know about my blog-diggity. I write things that are on my mind and in my heart. I started blogging in hopes of meeting new friends and writing about life. I am married to Mr. McHotty- also referred to as Hubly and have been for 7 years. The epitome of highschool lovbirds, if you will. Mom to 2 adorable furbabies and movie star. Okay the last one might be a stretch. Anyway- Join me as we talk about...

 Halloween..Can you guess where this costume is going?
Operation I-want-a-goat-or-two. Come with me in my journey to convince Hubly that 2 pigmy goats ARE a good thing. So far, I am not winning.

And as we go back to my "roots"..both in life and in haircolor. After all, what is life without family, tradition, the holidays and favorite things?
Stay tuned...we said goodbye to the blondey browney and are welcoming our new friend dark chocolate!

Cheers to new friends!


Anonymous said...

Hey I'm a new follower off the fest!! can't wait to read more :)

Autumn said...

I can't stop laughing because any thing that is cute and fuzzy has at least once been in conversation with my husband. Those pigmy goats are stinking adorable!


diana said...

You must have an AMAZING mother.