Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The lack of service.

Something you should know- I have some SERIOUS expectations when it comes to customer service. No matter where I go- the grocery, doctor, restaurants, banks, on the phone, in the landfill....you name it- you need to treat a customer right! At the office I work for we strive to provide excellent service to all of our patients...so I think it makes me uber sensitive to service, or should we say lack there of. Is it just me, or does anyone else feel like companies now (or should I say their employees) really don't care too much about the level of service they are providing.

Case in point,

True Story.

I walk into my doctors office to check in for an appointment. There is no one in front of me so I am standing there looking at the precious peach who is ignoring me. She is not on the phone. I stand there for a good 38 seconds before she even looks up. To which she greets me with "What do you need?" With a look glued to her face like I am a moldy bag of bread that she just found in her bread box. Ummm, 'scuse me? What do I need? Well, since we are here in said Doctors office, I'm gonna go ahead a take a stab at maybe I am a patient checking in? SERIOUSLY? The worst thing about this, is upon sharing my annoyance with the hubly, he said the same thing and he has been there more than me. She is now affectionately known to us as OfficeB. And I can't promise that I didn't fill out their survey that showed up in the mail, with the aforementioned experiences with her name. Yep- I went there.

This leads me to my next case in point,

True Story.

My running buddy's birthday was last friday and we celebrated with an amazing dinner in Uptown where I may or may not have had a bit too much wine. Which is fine- because I am a pretty great time. In any event- lets rewind. I don't work on Fridays- but am always busy. You name it- it needs to be addressed on Friday. Anyways- I was rushed. In post-gym clothes, I go to a local store to get my friend some wine for her birthday. I know nothing about wine {except a few pointers a good friend gave me} so I went with that + the cutest label (duh) and proceeded to the checkout. Where the sweet cashier told me that I look much younger than the age on my license. Bless you, you sweet girl. Remember we are in a hurry? I get home only to look at the wine bottle and realize it has a party hat on. Nope, not the kind you might putonyourdogfortheirbirthday find at a party. But this kind.

What's that you ask? Oh, just an electronic alarm. Yep- the kind that requires a special key that I DO NOT have. So, I call the store. " Oh, I am so sorry mam, but you can't remove that without the key...you'll break the neck of the bottle." Me: "Well that's awesome. This is a gift for someone that I need to give to them in 30 minutes. I do not buy wine, I do not understand why this bottle has a party hat on, but I need it to come off. Please help."

20 minutes later, an employee from the store shows up at my house with the magical key and removes the not-so-awesome party hat. Nope, I didn't make it up. It seriously happened. Can we say AMAZING customer service.

Thats all for today folks. Case in Point? Always greet those who are looking straight at you....and never buy a wine bottle with a party hat on.

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Ashley said...

dang from the worst to the best. i can't believe they came to your house!!!

um and it drives me nuts that walmart expects to you to put your own groceries in your cart - seriously?