Monday, October 17, 2011

Christmas Monday

I know, I know..its only October. BUT, do you know how close Christmas is? Its close my little pupcakes! So, from here on out...Every Monday is Christmas Monday. I was recently accused of focusing on the materialistic part of Christmas- aka I believe Christmas is a holiday because of shopping. Personally, I love learning about myself through others.So, what better way then to talk about the things I WANT!

1. I've said it before. But I am standing my ground. I.want.2.nigerian.pigmy.goats.pronto.


Operation Iwantagoat is not going over so well in this house. I wish that I would have taken a pic of the look that hub gave me just minutes ago, when I enlightened him about the sweet family I met today who had 3 (THREE!) pigmy goats. Let's just say I want them even more. Oh wait- his face was something like this:
In my defense- I have to have two, because goats like to be in herds. Ya hurd? And these little tinies love their buddies, as learned from aforementioned goat owner.

So WHY goats?

Wait- you don't want a goat? Growing up, I lived on a farm- minus the dairy cows, piglets and chickens. But, plus the horses, dogs, cats, hamsters, fish and goat. Yep- this little lassie was surrounded by furry love. And needless to say, I have carried it on into my adulthood. My family added a goat to our brood as one of our mares gave birth and sadly lost her life not shortly after. SO, this left a tiny baby horse without momma milk. Meet my sweet homegirl goat, Tiff. {There would be an awesome picture here, had I got the gumption to go scan some photos in} Not only was she a milk producing machine, we were 4-H superstars- yep we were Champs! And yes, she is the one who taught me how to speak goat. Seriously though. I can. I guess she + the tiny goat Rudy I used to goatsit for, have made me love the little tarts. They are the sweetest, most spunky, affectionate and playful little things ever.

 I am busy drafting a letter to my "kind-of" neighbors {they live about a half a mile from me}to let them know that in the event they need assistance, I would gladly goat sit for them. Do you think that is creepy- especially if they have no idea who I am? I will tell you that I will only babysit as long as they are happy-on-a-farm-you-can-use-me-for-milk-but-not-eat-me kind of goats. This girl cannot go through that.

Well my peeps- enjoy the rest of your Monday...and rest easy, because tomorrow is Tuesday which is one step closer to the weekend!



Ashley said...

you are too cute! i love that you want goats - that just makes you so original! and i have to admit - they're pretty cute!

diana said...

Laughing! Love being surrounded by "furry love."