Sunday, October 23, 2011

Weekend Recap..

I know I haven't blogged allllll week long. Because it would be weird to blame myself I choose to blame running, working and leaving for a tiny trip on Wednesday. Therefore being unable (really unwilling to blog from phone). In case you didn't know- hubly works in Racing. {Think along the lines of Nascar- just a different series}. So, we headed to Myrtle Beach, SC. Shout out to Ashley and your new home city! The weather was FAB this weekend, No?
Anywho- we took a jaunt down the the Southern Carolina in search of a win for the raceteam and to grab onto some relaxation in the sun. Thank the heavens above me that the sun cooperated this weekend, because this little lady needed some recharge time STAT.
Not bad for mid-October, am I right? I don't know that it was entirely appropriate that this body was donning a swimmie but I did. And it was awesome.

Because I am simply too lazy to post a pic from the race this weekend, this is a race from earlier this year- just to give you a glimpse. This pic on the left is when he is the Jackman. 
And then he is also the Crew Chief...See, he's famous. In any event, the race didn't go as amazing as planned, but following this horrible event- I am just thankful that everyone involved is well. My thoughts and prayers are with Dan Wheldon's family.
In other news...I found this at one of my recent trip to Target. {Expect a post coming soon about my addiction to this store. Something has got to be done. #interventionmaybenecessary}
Does this take anyone else back to the good ol' days? I saw these and about died. And then sent the pic to my sister, so we could die together. These books were such a part of my childhood.

Well my sweets- I am home, unpacked and the house is cleaned. My DVR is screaming at me, so I am kicking the hub and his fantasyfootballobsessedself off this TV and playing catchup. Off to watch Grey's, Private Practice, Revenge and any Real Housewives I am behind on.



Ashley said...

totally loved those books. if im around kids i will still read them....and they are still good!

ok and now i need to look for a ticket to CA pasty skin is begging me!

Ashley Slater said...

um, your bella is adorable! thank you for your sweet comment about MY bella! I actually decided to start with bracelets and things because that was the easiest for me--- PLEASE take a look and let me know what you think! any support for baby bella's surgery would be amazing. I know you know how important furbabies are! (p.s. how have I missed your cute blog for so long?!)

Ashley Slater said...

let me see what I can come up with as far as the yorkie cup goes! I think I have something up my sleeve! do you have an e-mail I can send you when I get a picture of one done?!