Sunday, September 4, 2011

Its Britney B*sch.

This post is overdue as I just recently became BFF's with my homegirl B 1.5 weeks ago, but that thing called Life got in my way. So- I got my ducks somewhat back in something that resembles a row, and I'm back to tell you my experience with the all might B.

Firstly (is this a word?) I am a huge Britney fan. Raven are you listening?? I mean, gimme a yellow snake and a green halter with sparkly booty shorts and I assure a rendition of I'm a Slave 4 U will be done just for you. Even when pretty girl was just starting out and we were all just little tikes with our discmans...
Remember this? Straight from the Mickey Mousers- circa Hit me Baby and Driving people Crazy era.

And you knooow ALL about K-allIwantisyourmoney K-Fed. Atleast she got 2 super cute bebes outta the deal.

Insert a tragic breakdown. Sometimes a girl just can't deal with hair and paparazzi all at once.

And no matter if she had hair or was locked away in her bungalow- I was still Team Britney. {you can find this cute shirt, here.}
And then my girl came back. Oh how did she ever come back.
So, when I found that she was headed to my neckathewoods, I was de-lighted. SO excited! Thrilled I tell you! Do you get it?

I will tell you the the hubs would have gone with me, if I had no other options. However, I did have another option. Meet Lena,
Us on our way to see our girl, post MACification.
So, we are in our seats {that my aforementioned pink haired lovely secured for us one 10am Saturday morning from the Master of the Tickets}and we were in love with our seats. It had a great view of everything and we loved how close we were. Section 114 and us were BFF's. In fact, we were so in love with our seats, this was an actual convo that happened:

L: I just got a text, {from her inside source} and we could move to 4th row...on the Floor.

Me: {Mid- fist pumping & possibly screaming to Pauly D} Oh really?! {no longer fist pumping and now surveying said 4th row- on the floor} I don't know- what do you think? I really love our seats- and it kinda looks crowded.

L: I know...well, we would go down there, see what its like and then come back to these seats if we don't like it.
Me: Oh, okay! Lets do it!

Have you already figured out that there was no way we were going back to our beloved 114? Lets just say that the 4th Row holds a special place in my Britney-loving-heart.
Yep, all that happened and PD was still going strong. {Back to fist-pumping!}
The hub might have been a smidgey jelly that PD was there...we are big JS fans. The cabs are here!

And don't worry- this is where someone's wasted 16 year-olds could be found- this was actually the g-rate version of what was happening. About 30 seconds later, you could see some nakedness. Which would be posted here, if my camera hadn't been having a hiccup.

And this is when 4th row stole my heart. There she was. The MickeyMousing, former JT,Jasonsomebody,Kfed loving, post head shaving, dance-it-like-you-mean it, Britney. 

Needless to say, it was an AMAZING night. AHHH- MAZING, I tell you!

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kimmer said...

Wow...Lena sounds like she rocks!! :)

Raven said...

awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww looking at these pictures makes me SOOOO happy! Takes me back to when I saw her in June in San Jose. I LOVE BRITNEY! Seriously, just like you, even through the bald pink wig maddess, never ever gave up on my girl. Loved this post! And I am SO getting that tshirt!!!!