Monday, September 26, 2011

Loving & Loathing


Pinterest. I feel sure you already know what this phenomenon is all about, but in case you got lost in a tiny mole hill somewhere, go here. Be prepared, you are going to be overwhelmed with greatness.

Stumble Upon. I was catching up on one of my "feel good, love this girl" blogs, and learned about Stumble Upon. Ahhh-mazing I tell you. You put in your interests and then click the Stumble! button. Seriously, its that easy! It finds such great things. Just another thing to add to my "Why blogs rock my world" list. One of my favorite stumblings?? The finding of this site. Such great uncommon gift ideas.

Fall. Even though we only had some cool weather for a few short days  here {and then apparently I moved to Seattle as its been raining for 6 days straight} its still been pushing the high 80's. And that bish humidity? Ya, she's still here. She just.won't.leave. I WANT FALL! Can I get a Pump-tothe-Kin?


Clocks. Yep- exactly what it sounds like. I would like someone to explain to me why from 8-5 those hands are movin' like they haven't a care in the world but at 5:01 they are hauling ass to get to 6am. Really?!

My fingernails. I am a total acrylic pink & white wearing kinda girl...but have been attempting to embrace my nails for the past 5+months with a gel type of manicure. You should know this is a HUGE deal for me and ma fingers. But we are about to be heading back to the land of acrylic here soon if somebody doesn't get their act together. Tiny nail beds...are you listening? Please stop cracking...I can only take so much!

My laptop. We have been fighting for months now. Ever since the period key took a big dump- or really a big jump- as it has chosen to leave my keyboard and I am now left with this tiny stub for the period key. On top of this issue, I am an amazing typer..typist...typee?? Not sure- just trying to say that those Highschool computer typing tests did these fingers good. Why that is an issue is the fact that we {as in me and my fingers} will be rollin' with some serious verbiage when all the sudden I realize the effing cursor is no where near where we need to be typing. And it just happened. "We need to be to be typing" just jumped 2 paragraphs up. WTF. I have threatened her to no avail...Even with "Don't make me go MAC." Nothing is working and its driving me batty. Don't worry though- hub has an awesome new laptop. Just so everyone knows he's a happy possum. Just thankful he has an awesome non stub period key, jumping cursor, dream of a laptop. Maybe that's what I could have too, if my WPM were 7.

And just because its Monday- who treated me poorly- especially during a run when the skies opened and spit in my face with sideways rain...I leave you with this. Because it makes me smile.
                I want to put her in my pocket. With the 2 pigmy goats I may or may not have smuggled.

Until Next Time,


Mary and Dyer said...

omg that little piggy is sooo cute!! Can't take it - adorable! xox

I just became your newest follower! I would love for you to check out my blog & follow back if you'd like! :)


Anonymous said...

pinterest is so addicting isnt it?!?! hope u have a great weekend!