Thursday, September 22, 2011

My bad.

That I haven't blogged in 11 or so days. I felt sure in my head that I was on a blogging rampage...but alas I apparently was not. Hurupmph.

Last week was a pretty rough week for this household. Think Urgent Care, Emergency Room, $hundreds$ spent on copays and medicine...all with no answers. In short- the Hubly was extremely sick. Scare-the-sh*t-outta-me-sick. Leave work after me being there for one hour and take another day off, sick. A solid 5 days of worry, anxiety, stress, tears and "I hope the MRI comes back normal" convo's. Coming from a family where cancer tends to feel like a watchful cougar ever waiting for its prey, we assumed the worst and were relieved that scans were clear. We are still left with several unanswered questions but are hoping solutions are on our horizon.
So for now we will hold hands, keep close, talk to Him a little bit more, and keep our steady rock, well... steady.

In other news, have you ever came across Stumbled Upon? No? Just wait for my Loving & Loathing post. I have some things to tell you.


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