Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Christmas Countdown

Let's be real- for one hot (or cold, depending on your geographical location. One point for me, using big words)second. Our friend Mr. Claus is coming to town. And quick. Does anyone else feel like December snuck up on them real quick? I don't like sneaky people months.

We are spending this magical holiday with my family so I wanted my precious tree home, up and sparkling the weekend after Thanksgiving. Normally we don't start this early, but this year I was pretty much gung-ho for operation glitter explosion. {Sending a shoutout to my hub, for being post nasal surgery and doing this with me. Love him!}

I won't chatter much more. So, take a deep breath, imagine yourself in a place of glitter, snow, fire and spiked eggnog. (That's for you Raven- I got you girl.} Yes, its Christmas. Please come and party with me!

So, avoid the malls, the lines, the rude people with jabby elbows. And plant yourself on your couch with your Ipad (santa are you listening? I need this!) and do your last minute shopping. They offer 1 day shipping for a reason!


Ashley said...

you make me want a real house
and a real tree
and a real wreath made out of cool bulbs

SOOO bad!

this is awesome! Thanks for sharing this one hot moment with us :)

Janna Renee said...

I just saw you on Zara's blog and am so glad I checked your lil' blog out! You and it are so cute! I totally know what you mean about the in-home shopping...I made most of my gifts and shipped the rest! It made it SO easy!