Sunday, December 18, 2011

I confess...

That after this blog, there is a good chance you won't be my friend any more. But, you should know my fingers are crossed that you will still want to be friends. K?

I get asked a lot about my hair- I rarely wear it the same way everyday. I am so not the kinda girl who straightens their hair everyday- parting it the same way, everyday. First off, my current bangs drive me insane most days. So, that equals many braids, twists and bobbies. Please tell me you know bobbie, yes?
In any event, I always get asked about what I use on my hair. {Which I am saving for some future posts- keep your eyes peeled for my Covet List: Hair Edition}. But, here is something I can share with you.

Did you catch on to the one thing all of these photos have in common? Other than the fact that I apparently change my hair color- alot? {Don't worry, we won't ever be going back platinum}Yep- DIRTY hair. This girl, as in  me- does not wash her hair except every 4 -5 days. Which I guess could also be once a week?? Go ahead and put your judgy pants on, because I am okay with my dirty hair. Now, there will be times when it is necessary to wash it 2 or 3 times a week. For example, if I happen to be on a 4 mile run and get caught in a torrential down pour? I will go ahead and wash my hair. If I happen to sweat so much during a workout that it looks like I washed my hair? I will go ahead and wash my hair. See? I'm practical. And besides- the best part about not washing my hair is telling people. Its worth it to see their eyes get huge and where I can almost see that convo bubble appear above their head that says, "SO, you DON'T shower?" Ummm, no. I never said I don't shower, I said I don't wash my hair. There is a difference my friends. Yes, I shower. Everyday. I'm fairly certain my husband would be offended if I didn't wash off my daily gym sessions.

Another fact? I never, ever use dry shampoo. Gasp. I.KNOW. I have no idea how this is possible. I am thinking its because my hair is colored (and has been since I was about 14 or so) and thick. So maybe it soaks up daily oils & sweat? Other than that- I truly don't know.

Also, when I do wash my hair- I only wash it at night and go to bed with it wet. Nope- no blow drying on this head of hair. Hence the reason I have had the same blow dryer since I was in highschool. Ya- girlfriend is ancient. I recently donated her to the hub for his RC Car hobby in hopes that I can upgrade for the twice yearly blowdry that may or may not happen to my hair. I guess I was blessed with straight hair- {thanks momma}. And yes- I will use my flat iron or my curling iron if the pillow gnomes went a bit crazy during my slumber.

That's it for this Sunday my peeps.
Now go wash your hair. 


Jill said...

hahah cute post!! I think I need to try and not wash my hair! I know its not even good to wash it daily because that washes out something or other lol forgot what, but i try not to. thats probably why my hair is horrible because i was it daily or every other day! I should try NOT doing so. Cute blog!!

Anonymous said...

I don't wash my hair often either, and you're so right about the look people give you when you tell them! lol It's so much better for your hair!

Janna Renee said...

I don't wash mine either! A) my hair is long and thick so it takes WAY too much time out of my life. B) My hair looks 10x healthier and grows faster than anyone else. C)My hair is actually MORE manageable when I don't wash it everyday. I use a sprinkle of baby powder to keep mine lookin' fresh, and tell the hubby if it smells to let me know! hehe.

diana said...

Where in the world would you get that ugly habit?

You're welcome. :) Hurry West!

Mrs. 147 said...

I still have the same blow dryer from high school too!! Haha!! I don't wash my hair everyday either. It is better not to. If you did start washing your hair everyday you would notice that when you skip a day or two, your hair would be greasy

Melissa said...

maybe I need to start doing this, I usually wash it every 2-3 days but anything after that and it starts to get really greasy. Haha, yeah people mistake not washing your hair for not showering....ummmm no, thats bad hygiene! :) cute post!