Tuesday, December 13, 2011

DIY-Christmas Style.

Hello my pupcakes! I am linking up with the gorgie Becky on this Tuesday- to bring you one of my DIY's, Christmas Edition. For my new friends who hopped on over here, welcome!

I feel sure that most of my savvy followers are already well aware of the amazing world that is Pinterest? Yes? Good. Well, I had been wanting a new wreath to add to my Christmas mania decor. Though- I did not want to pay high dollar for said wreath...SO, I put on my DIY pants and got busy. At midnight.

What you'll need:
1 wire hanger
1 set of strong fingers
Glue gun
Approx. 60+ ornaments

 1-  Remove tops of ornaments in preparation for a date with a hot glue gun. This is where you need to pay attention- You are NOT going to want to do this. You've probably already said, "Bish, there is no way I am removing every ornament top and hot gluing that shit." Mmm, Yes you are. Trust me- just do it. You will be a sorry son of a gun if you don't.

2- Glue gun time. Glue all tops onto ornaments. Try to avoid hot glue burns. Tho- if you have ever wrangled with a hot glue, you are pretty much aware that this is inevitable.

3- Use a wire hanger and shape into a circle. You may need a manly effort here- it was hard for me to crimp the wire in some places

4- Begin stringing the ornaments into place. I really didn't have a rhyme or reason here.

5- Use shatterproof ornaments. Case in point.

6- Starting to take shape,  yes?

                                                                          Hello gorgeous!

Now, go get busy- you have an wreath to make. Or wine to drink. Whatever.


Mrs. Mama said...

wow that turned out BEAUTIFUL!! i have mine sitting on my dining room table... i need to get on it!

Mrs. 147 said...

Gorgeous!! I wondered how people made those wreaths! They are so pretty!! I think this year I will buy some ornaments at an after christmas sale to make for next year.

Ashley Slater said...

ohhh, I really like that! I want to make one.... like, NOW.


Jamie said...

Yours came out so pretty! Maybe I'll make one next year.