Monday, December 5, 2011

I confess...

I've been meaning to write this post since I saw it on one of my favs blogs- over here. She is SUPER cute!

So here it is...

Confessional Monday...

I confess,

    That I haven't wanted to blog the point where I just wanted to sign off and bid my 24 sweet followers adieu. I know, I know- its me, basically throwing a pity party for myself {don't worry, I am having a party hat bedazzled for myself.} I look at other blogs and think- "wow, they have 500+ followers." How do you get passed the point of not caring about other blogs? Or why people don't comment? Pity party closed. I am now writing just to write and not worry about anything else. K?

    That I am rediculously excited for Christmas. Seriously. My life is not complete unless my Christmas Tree lights are lit, and fire is dancing in my fireplace. Even if its not cold enough to warrant a fire. I dare hub to tell  me its too hot out for a fire.

That today completely kicked my ass. SO much so, that I don't even have the energy to disguise that word so you don't know what it says. {Which brings me to my next point....if you say a%s or trash or arse, isn't it exactly the same thing? Whats that phrase...Mean what you say and say what you mean?} Ya, something like that. Anyways- I am pretty sure everything about today screamed Monday. And then I had a serious workout. The kind where holding a pencil and attempting to sit on the toilet are going to be a huge struggle rightnow tomorrow.

That I loathe and I mean utterly despise- the Education Connection commercials. Seriously- everytime one of those redonk jingles comes on...I cringe. So much so, that I may or may not have rearched how to submit a complaint form online. I was unsuccesful.

That I am kind of over FB at the moment. Between politcal opinons, health plugs and everything in between, I just need a breather!

That even if I never make it to 25 followers I am okay. Because I am thankful for each and everyone of your sweet cupcake faces.

Here's to Tuesday!



Rissy said...

awww love this post!

I just blocked on facebook for complaining about someone's status. Sorry I'm not sorry lol

Can you rub some of that Christmas spirit off on me? please?

Ashley said...

Rissy is the! love her to pieces!

ove that you're writing just to write and what you want to write about....those are the best blogs in all honesty!

sounds like you had a great workout - love that sore-from-working-out-kinda-sore ;)

Hope today is MUCH better!

Jamie said...

Those commercials are the worst!

Elle Sees said...

Haha I hate those commercials too. Like she's really going to schooL! She's dancing and trying to be a star. Hehe. Enter to win 5 shirts from StyleMint!

MacKensie said...

OOooh my goodness. I also LOATHE those commercials. And I know exactly what you mean. Followers on other blogs are incredibly daunting when you're a newer blogger. I'm glad I get to watch your (and my) space grow though! :)



Raven said...

ok you are like the coolest ever. I loved this post cause I just loved your attitude and it's totally something I would write ;)

have never seen those commercials?? You know what ones I hate? Those stupid Target ones where that woman is yelling her head off because of some coupon or something. SO ANNOYING!!

and head up girly, things will always get better, and for the record, you have a GREAT blog and I love your writing style and I'm totally going to shout you out in one of my posts because I think more people need to know about you!!!!

Lost&Found said...

I'm your newest follower :) and the 25th!

And i'm totally with ya on the facebook thing. I just go on to post my blog posts, LOL. Other than that, we're pretty much broken up. I don't think it's just us either, i'm starting to feel that a lot of people are over FB.

Hope you have a great night!


Anonymous said...

Sigh. With you on the bidding blogging good bye as well. Hard to put the effort out there and not see the return!

For what it's worth..I'm you're newest follower! :-)