Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Pictures say more than 1,000 words

It had been 7.5 years since hub and I had ourselves a professional photo-op. This was our last professional shoot....

 Ya- we were just little tykes then. So I was thrilled to have ourselves documented at this point in our lives. We have been married for almost 8 years and have never been happier. No, we aren't one of those couples that have had an easy, breezy go at it. Are there those couples out there? If so, I'm jelly. If you are married you know the amount of work that goes into staying best friends, lovers, communicators, helpers and everythinginbetween. We have certainly had our ups and downs and I am thankful to be on an "up".

So grateful to the amazing Ginger Salmon, for capturing us the way that she did.

Have yourself a lovable Tuesday, my peeps.


Lost&Found said...

Great photos! Congrats on a 8 years! That's amazing!


Zara said...

You are wayy too pretty :-)
Love the photos!!!