Friday, November 4, 2011

One of those...

Weeks. The end of this week kind of kicked my youknowwhat. Certain changes have sent me into a planning/researching frenzy {I love planning, don't get me wrong. But being forced to plan for the unknown frustrates me}. Trying desperately to figure out our 2 year plan {I don't really believe in 5 years} to have some kind of idea of where we are going. There is a good chance that none of this is making sense to you,  but that's okay. Someday I will be able to fill you in.

It is cold and rainy outside today. The perfect day to be nestled by the fire with my girls, watching movies and catching up {though I'm beginning to learn that in blogland there is no catching up}.
So you see the amount of hair that is on my girl, right? She scoots as close to the fire as possible- to the point where she is panting in glorious warmth and puppydog happiness. She doesn't even notice that her tongue gets stuck to the floor. Just one of the reasons she makes me so very happy.

I know this post was awfully random, but I have too many ideas and thoughts running around in my head today. I'm going to take The Bargain Blonde's  advice and start planning out posts. Starting Monday. Have a happy weekend friends.


Lindsey said...

Do it! It totally helps me out so much! I wish I had started planning sooner. If anything, at least write post ideas down as they come to you so you don't forget. Happy Friday! Have a great weekend.


Jen said...

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!:) Your blog is lovely and your precious little animals are so cute! xoxoxo

Raven said...

ok you totally remind me of someone, I'm trying to remember who...a famous person...I will come back when I remember :)

and I agree! there is no such thing as getting caught on on blogland. If you miss a few days, you feel like you missed the presidential election! geesh!