Tuesday, November 22, 2011

A Series of Unfortunate Events

Have you ever broken a mirror? Me neither. But, I do think that we have seriously had a case of the bad luck sniffles. I don't talk too much about the hub on this blogdiggity- but this one is unfortunately (for you) all about him. Not to brag- but my husband is fairly amazing. Seriously one of the smartest men I know. Build a race car? Sure. Change tires, brakes or oil? Yep. Install tile, countertops, flooring, doors, carpet, paint, ceiling fans and anything related to plumbing? You betcha. Landscape, trim trees, planting? Uh-huh. Get my drift? There is seriously nothing that man doesn't know. Well- except for understanding my moods. Ya- he's still working on that one.

As I write this blog, he is currently in surgery. I know- kind of crazy to be blogging while hub is under the knife- but I gotta do something to occupy myself.My boy has a horrible nose that he barely can breathe out of. And if you've been following for a little while then you are aware of the Medical year we have had. He gave us a pretty good scare a few months back- lots of tests, dr visits, procedures, etc. Needless to say- we met any maximums that were in place. Therefore- we were finally able to get him the surgery he needs. And yes, right before Thanksgiving- immpecable timing if I do say so myself.

So lets rewind a moment. Its Wednesday night- I am in my happy place, in jammies and by a fire with my furbabies. Hub just got home from work and was cleaning out his truck. He comes back inside and informs me that we are most likely going to need to go to Urgent Care. Ummm- 'scuse me?? Apparently while reaching under his seat, something cut his thumb. And by cut- I mean slice, requiring 4 stitches. That was fun- especially since there is only 1 Urgent Care open after 8pm in America. {Yes, we would have gone to the ER- but the $150 copay to do so, did not excite me}.

Lets jump to Friday. We had friends coming into town- so I was preparing Beck Manor. Hub just got home {are you sensing a patern here?} He had gone over to our cabinets {I would say pantry- but we technically don't have one}and upon opening one of the cabinets- our massive 10oz glass jar of honey flew out. Like launched its ass outta the cabinet. On its way down, it hit the edge of our tile countertop and shattered. Resulting in broken glass and honey, everywhere. Not only that- but a shard of glass went through his pants and lodged in his thigh. Seriously. Through his pants. It looked like I tried to stab him with a blunt object. So, off to Urgent Care again to be sure there were no left over glass pieces in his leg and more stitches.

This was of course- all before his surgery today. I asked him if had been doing bad things lately.
Sometimes bad luck...is just bad.

I'm off to continue working on the bubble he is going to live in for a little bit.

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beauté du bonheur said...

ohh no!! This is seriously such bad luck. When in the history of ever has a shard of glass cut through someone's pants!! So weird. Hope he gets better :)