Monday, November 14, 2011

Weekend Factor

Hullo pupcakes!

You want the good news or the good news? The good news is that tomorrow is Tuesday. The other good news is that means the weekend is that much closer. I know- you feel better now, right? Your welcome.

My weekend was full of amazing nothingness. Sure we did stuff...but nothing off the charts. We (as in me + hub, duh) spent 3 glorious days together. Dr follow ups with flu shots (romantic, no?), nail salons, remote control car tracks (don't even ask), some shopping and a photoshoot- (all lovey dovey, I love you kinda, style). The best part? We got to complain about our arms being bruised (for 3 days!) from the POS flu shot, shopped til we dropped for...air filters and groceries {#excitinglife} and then meet up with one of my favorite photographers for some "document us" type photos- and managed to hopefully look like we love eachother- after I was admittedly a mighty B on the way to the shoot because I read 15miles as 15 minutes and hated my outfit- ya, one of those moments.  On another note, here's to hoping these legs of mine resembled Alessandra Ambrosio and NOT the vienna sausages that I am pretty sure was going on.

In other news, any XFactor lovers out there? I normally don't watch shows like this {aka Idol, The Sing Off, America's got Talent, etc} BUT, I happened to tune in to X Factor and am SO glad I did. For this girl, right here.

Meet Drew.
Not only is her voice AHH-mazing {the proof is here & here ) but she is also from my home town. A tiny (I'm talking 3 stop lights when I was there in highschool) tumbleweed of a town smack in the middle of the great state of Arizona. Naturally- I am rooting for her. Because I would be crazy not to.

In any event- I'm off to slumber.


Ashley said...

oh man - i SO want Allesandra's how does she get them to look like that?! i want my job to entail being a model! haha

happy slumbering lady!

Ashley Slater said...

hahha.......I have had the not liking your outfit/grumpy moments! before pictures too! and then my husband and I will still be irritated with each other and you have to pretend to be happy!??! hahahah soooooo funny!

sounds like you had a similar weekend to mine! those "nothing" weekends are great though!