Wednesday, November 9, 2011

From one Bella to another...

In case you haven't met...let me introduce you to one of my main-squeezies, one of my sweet fluff puffs..

Meet Bella. She is the most rambunctions, loving, licking obsessed, fetch adoring,thinks I hang the moon- kinda pup. She is going on 7 years and that makes my heart hurt a little bit. If you are a fur-momma, you can get it, right?
My sweet girl is my fluffy, sweet loving pupcake and I would be so sad without her... maybe hence the reason we are thinking of adding to our brood? No, I haven't told her yet...when we brought the other fluff home {our meowrific kitty Caris} we went through a HUGE adjustment period... Pee on mom's side of the bed? No problem. Pee on Daddy's shoes? Yep, twice. Pee on the couch where Daddy sits? Uh-huh, there too! Needless to say, we were very jelly of our new sister. Can you understand my hesitation to add to this mix? Add in the fact that this time, her new sibling is going to be 3 times her size. Kind of like this...

Meet Max.
 Part sweet, fun-loving boy...part Iwillripyourfaceoffifyoutouchmymomma boy.
So, I would imagine the adjustment period might be rough. But I am a fan of the idea of their protective features they come with. My little 9 pounder loves me somethin' fierce...but can't offer much in the way of predator protection services. Even if in her tiny head she is convinced she is part Great Dane, part Mastiff.

In any event, I recently became friends with this sweet lady. Meet Ashley {from Adventures of Newlyweds}...
A fellow fur-momma to her very own Bella. I am fairly certain they were destined to be soul sisters. But until then, they will have to settle for DogBook and poking eachother. Recently, she found out that her baby Bella needs surgery. The kind of surgery that costs upward of $1500. Ya, that kind. So, like any momma would do- she has hit the ground running and Fetch & Co, her very own Etsy shop was born.

You can find amazing jewelry, pup leashes, super sweet coffee mugs- with new items being added all of the time. So far, she has raised $450! So, if you would, please go and visit her at Fetch & Co and help her sweet Bella get the surgery that her little leg needs! I just received my mug in the mail the other day...and I am in love. Cute, no?

That's all for now my peeps- the weekend is ALMOST here! 

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Ashley said...

oh my gosh. i want a bella of my own! so cute!

this is the second post i've read too today about ashley's sweet bella!