Monday, November 7, 2011

Melody Monday

Unfortunately I won't be gracing you with my singing voice today, sorry- not that kinda melody. But I am going to talk about a different kind of melody. The ones with leaves and colors and vitamins and a bunch of other crap amazing nutritional benefits. Guess what it is yet?

I am interrupting this broadcast with a small scream. I am screaming because my laptop keyboard cursor likes to jump, highlight and delete random paragraphs in the blink of an eye. Yes, there used to be a huge paragraph right here. It seriously makes me give hub the crazy eye as he is nestled on his side of the couch, with his compliant laptop- and desperately trying not to smile. Oh, is this funny? Its gonna be funny when we switch laptops and you are stuck with this Bia. The things that make you say words that rhyme with wothersucker.

My apologies for that small rant. Anyway- where were we? Oh yes, vegetables. Oh wait- we were there, before it got deleted!  Let me catch you up. Today, I bought broccoli for the first time.  Yep, I am welllll into my 20's (do all of the l's give my true age away?) and have never purchased broccoli. Ever. I was inspired over the weekend after reading Raven's blog and though I can't go full vegetarian ( you will get it once you understand my aversion to vegetables), I can be smarter about my choices. Such as Almond, Coconut or Flax Milk {we are a lactose free kinda family anyways}, organic- free ranging kind of meats & eggs {I have since given up beef as I came to the conclusion that I can totally live without hamburger or steak}, fruits {which I adore} and vegetables. For the record the last one gives me anxiety. I really really dislike most vegetables. Which is obnoxious because I love salads. But things like zucchini, broccoli, squash, eggplant, brusselsprouts, asparagus, peppers, peas, cauliflower, beets...are you getting it? Make me wanna gag. So, still inspired,  I have decided to eat one vegetable a day. So, hub and I hit the grocery and walked out with...

And, I've already eaten one carrot stick. Not the baby ones, the big ones that you might feed to your horse if you had one. Go me. I am nervous for this adventure, because I think there could be some gagging, deep breathing and nose plugging involved. Don't worry- I will take pics. Not of the gagging and possible dry-heaving, but of the vegetables.  Lets just put it this way, Stir Fry is my.worst.nightmare.

Wish me luck.


Raven said...

hahahahaha ok I LOVED this!!!! ok, and let me tell you something, as much as I LOVE veggies, the ones you posted? I hardly EVER buy. Carrots? never ever do I eat those (but we do buy them, the big ones, to feed the horses on our street haha!!) , califlower? never! Beets? no thanks!

so what DOES this veggie fanatic eat? Ok, I LOVE onions, put them on everything, LOVE peppers, LOVE LOVE LOVE asparagus (do you? I steam mine then put butter salt and pepper on it, omg YUM) and I will eat broccoli occasionally but NEVER buy it. I also LOVE zuchinni (I never spell that right) but I slice it up and drizzle olive oil on it and put salt and pepper on it and then bake it til it gets soft. OMG. best ever. and hmmm...what other veggies do I like....

gosh, maybe I don't like as many as I thought? fruit is where I lack. I don't really like fruit, however I LOVE avocados and tomatoes which seem like they SHOULD be a vegetable.

anyway, loved this post! so glad I inspired you!!!! :)

diana said...

Beets still make me gag. Right up there with goat cheese.

I still feel responsible somehow.