Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Grocery Shopping...

I am a multi-tasker. I feel best when I am doing 2-3 things simultaneously. This being said- I really don't dislike grocery shopping. But, it does not really allow multitasking. When shopping, you pretty much have to just grocery shop. That was until I found out about this kind of grocery shopping.

Over on the East Coast, we have both Lowe's Foods (not related to the Home Improvement store, confusing I know) and Harris Teeter (there are others, but these are my 2 favs). If you are from the West Coast, you are now probably chuckling at a name like Harris Teeter. I know I did when we moved from Arizona. At first I wanted my Safeway, Albertson, Fry's....but I don't mind anymore. Let's talk Lowes...

I found out- that this blessed store offers online grocery shopping. Yep- you read it right, online. I love online. I've done ALL of my Christmas shopping online. It makes me deliriously happy to not have to scuffle around with others, being subjecting to flemmy coughs {especially this time of the year}and not have my space bubble invaded. So, obviously my heart skipped a beat when I found out about this.

How does it work? You visit the site of the grocery store and login to your account. Then you begin shopping! Seriously- they have everything categorized and so easy to find! Plus, after you checkout you can save your items, for easy re-ordering. So, there I was- in the comfort of my home, pajamas, a fire going and I was grocery shopping. I could take my laptop into the kitchen to see what we did or didn't have. AH-mazing I tell you! You choose the date and time frame that you would like to pick the groceries up and VOILA! The next day, the sweet lady Patti {who was mentioned in my Friday Letters} called me to let me know how my shopping went and asked me if I would like to add anything else. Perfect if you thought of any forgotten items! The next day- while out running errands- I went "shopping".
I pulled up and told them who I was and pulled around to have my groceries delivered to me. I met Patti- who was SWEET as pie- and she loaded my groceries for me and took my card. {This is also when you would give them any coupons you might have}The cost to have them shop for you? A tiny $4.95. Seriously- I would rather not get a bag of chips and a soda and pay for someone to do this for me. It such a huge timesaver. They gave me a welcome packet, huge reusable grocery bag and sent me home- with my groceries- smiling ear to ear.

Remember the story about the wine bottle with the party hat? If not, you can read it here. But- this is the SAME store. Seriously the best customer service out there.

And, if you have kids? They take note- and bring them treats whenever you pick up your groceries. No more wrestling with tiny tots in the grocery aisles, or planning your day around trips to the grocery store and everyone is happy!

Moral of the story? Save your sanity and pay the $5. Its worth every single penny.


Zara said...

Holy awesome!!!!
Please tell me there is something like that in AZ.
Or I'm insisting on moving to NC!!!

Laura Darling said...

Oh my word. I would pay $50 for that. I'm going to have to do some research about our grocery stores!