Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Honest Wednesday...

True, today is Wednesday. But I chose today to be honest {which I usually always am anyway} on my little blog.

I want to know one thing...Why does it become so hard to make friends as we get older? I say we, in hopes that you who are reading this, feel this way too. And I mean friends that-
   *Share the same interests
   *That truly want to be your friend too
   *That are in the same {or close to} age/stage in their lives
   *That if you want them to listen they will
   *That if you want them to problem solve for you, they will
   *That if you want them to lie and tell you that there are no new wrinkles, they will
  I have friends, yes. And I have 2 best friends...who are related to me- so even if they didn't want to be my friends, they really wouldn't have a choice. But I feel like something is missing. Gone are the days of showing up to a new setting as the new girl and muddling around until you find the friends that suit you best. High school and college are the days that best friends are made...easily. I don't doubt they can't be found now, but why is it so much harder? Gone are the days of...."Hi, I'm Sheena...Do you want to be friends?" There are so many variables, marriage, babies and life in general. I am honestly somewhat embarrassed that I blogging about a topic like this {because who doesn't have friends?}...but as I proclaimed yesterday, I decided to use this blog as my thoughts. And this was weighing heavy on my mind tonight.

I would say its my New Year Resolution...but that might be weird. Or would it? What's wrong with wanting new friends in your life? I say nothing.

So, I am now accepting applications to be real life, friends. Not acquaintances, but friends. Please see above asterisked areas for guidelines.

Much love my pupcakes.


diana said...

I'll be your.... oh... wait...

love always, your Very First Friend

Eva said...

After I read this blog I had to laugh. I just talked with Brandon about not having "really" friends or best friends. I wish it could be as easy as highschool too.

Zara said...

Hello! I'm Zara, wanna be friends?! :-)

I know exactly what you mean. I think between working over 40 hours, keeping up with a house and a husband, and kids if you have any, and trying to fit in sleep somewhere in between we just run out of time to have friends. It's even a challenge trying to keep up with the ones we've made through the years.

I honestly think that we should all make an effort to be more friendly, get to know our neighbors and make some more friends. The world is a much better place with friends around. <3

Anonymous said...

Found your blog through Zara, and just have to say that I'm so with you on this! It was hard enough making friends in high school (which I failed miserably at...Zara and I actually went to high school together, and just NOW became friends), but now it's even harder. It doesn't help that my husband is 8 years older than me, so most of his friends are all having kids and we're no where close to that stage. Definitely hard, but good to know that it's hard for someone else too...