Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Bugs of Light.

Since we have moved to this beautiful state, I have become fascinated by Lightning Bugs, or Fireflies or The Bugs of Light. Needless to say I have been very disappointed by them this year. They have not been out very much and I have been very sad.

BUT- much to my dismay I have completed a tiny dream of mine. Maybe it was more of a wish than a dream. In any event- we could call it a Drish. Perfect!

I was inside working a paper and my other half came inside to inform me (as he was outside being a dutiful husband changing my oil) to tell me that the lightning bugs were out. So, I hurried to finish my paper and grabbed my camera. I was determined to document a Lightning Bug glowing in my hand.

I romped around outside for 20 minutes or so, unsuccessfully catching one. Ever tried it? Its not easy. They like to hang out deep in the woods which I was hesitant to play around in there because there are things in there out to get me. Like Poison Ivy. No thanks. But it didn't matter because since I live in the Amazon June-August, I was still eaten alive. And YES, I even had bug spray on. But it doesn't matter- don't be fooled by the OFF! on the can. It really means ON! in bug language.

After frustration and disappointment fell upon me, I recruited a volunteer to help me. I don't know if he actually volunteered, but he was willing. Right?

So a half hour Drish came true. Make sure you turn up the volume. It cracks me up.

Needless to summer is complete.


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The Cook Clan said...

That is so cool! Hey I just went private so email me your email and I'll invite ya.