Thursday, November 6, 2008


I know its been awhile. But life happens sometimes and I get busy. Today is more of a journally post. I was watching one of my shows. I love my shows. They get me through the week sometimes. I love the writers of the shows- I wonder if they are writing from their own experiences.

I watch as an older couple in their 70's say goodbye to eachother for the upteenth time while she goes into surgery because she has a recurrent brain tumor.They look at eachother. But its not the kind of look like, "I'll see you soon." Its the look that says, "I am your person and you are mine, matter what happens." Sometimes the future scares me. It holds so many things. New careers, travel, possible additions to family, and somewhere along the way, it ends. I know- that probably seems horribly dire. But its true. One day, the people whom we love won't be there anymore. My person, won't be my person anymore. I adore my person. He's been my person for 9 learn a lot about a person in 9 years. More than their favorite color, food, place to visit (all of which tend to change.) You learn their dreams, desires, what makes them sad and what makes them happy. Can you imagine looking at the same person, the same eyes for over 50 years? No matter what happens, they will always be your person.

So here is to everyone's persons. Tell your person how much they mean to you. Because you are their person too.



kmelanese said...

I was crying my eyes out watching that. It too made me think of this.

L said...

It's a good one this post. What brings me a lot of comfort is knowing we can see our persons after earth time. However, the time we do have with them is ultra special. You're right. I'll go tell him now.