Tuesday, January 13, 2009


For once, I have some free time to write an update. I am current on both classes, just got done with a workout and am catching up on my daily DVR'd episode of Days of Our Lives. DVR is pretty much the best thing ever invented. Life for the moment...is good.

Since our blog is in need of some serious attention, here I am to update you.
Christmas was spent with my family in Kentucky. Sarah's husband Paul was granted extended leave from the USCG and was allowed to report to his next station the end of December. He and James get along really well (which Sarah and I are so thankful for!) and we had a truly wonderful Christmas. It was filled with Taboo, laughs, Midnight Cookie making, playing dress-up to go out to the barn and many, many memories. We both got wonderful gifts (My favorites being my new Coach and Dooney bags), James' being his new Pocket PC ( a la moi) and Bella's her new Coach collar from her wonderful Grandparents (Mema and Grandpa Tim. Christmas came to a close when we all sadly went our seperate ways. J and I back to NC, my sister back to AZ and Paul to his next station in CA. We are so hopeful that in May after he graduates A-school, they will be able to pick a station in NC or atleast somewhere on the East Coast. I am forever jealous of families who live within minutes of eachother. If only those people seemed more grateful. Here are some pics from our wonderful Christmas. Since we didn't spend Christmas at home, we just decorated with the baby tree.
Sarah in the middle of making cookies at midnight. Yum.
Miss B, sporting her new Coach collar.

On to New Years. New Years this year was so much fun for us. We rented a Condo in the Mountains of NC with some friends of ours. We had yet to play in the snow since moving here, so we were both so excited to head up there and see something new. New Years Eve was spent by the fire, and later in the night included a Dance Party... I think I recall I time when the neighbor asked us to quiet down. Could it have been my RiverDance rendition? I can't be sure. I do know that it was a good time and I only lost Jenga once and I felt better that everyone lost at Circle of Death. One day we did venture out to Sugar Mountain to attempt to slide down it on skis, or in J's case, a snowboard. I was petrified to get off the ski lift as I hadn't done so for roughly 12 years. All I know is that I am much higher off the ground and have more weight that I have pick up off the ground when I fall. You will be happy to know that I only fell once. Well, technically. The second time (if this must be counted) was an attempt to get up from fall #1. While attempting to stand in the Transformer boots that were secured extremely tightly around my aching calves, I happened to start scooting down the mountain again. Oh- I forgot to mention that my ski partner, Jackie was trying to help me up from fall #1 and I ended up taking her with me during fall #2. I am thankful that no one caught that one on tape. It was such a fun trip for us...and J did such a great job snowboarding. He now wants one of his very own. Hooray.

Living Room of our pretty mountain palace.

Jackie and I...yes, she survived me throwing her down the mountain.
Happy New Year!

J playing the Snowboard game.

Shew... We made it! After the Sugar Mountain attack.
Well, there ya have it! Our recap on the holidays. So far, 2009 has been a good year. This year is going to be filled with much for us. James is going to be going back to AZ for a long overdue family visit, I will be traveling a bit to Phoenix, Boston and Portland for work this year. Oh and one more spectacular detail...I will be a college graduate! I cannot even begin to put into words how thrilled this makes me. Finally after years (literally, years. ) I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
So, until next time. Be good to yourself and enjoy the rest of January.


The Cook Clan said...

Wow, sounds very eventfull! You crack me up. I love reading your funny writings. I love to watch Days as well!

Tim said...

Blog slacker. Is that a Blacker? No, probably not.

I think that's what I'm going to do now that my MySpace persona is kaput.

I may blog upon the parrot B when I get a moment.