Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Loving & Loathing.


Honey. Not just any honey though, this honey.

Seriously- there is nothing quite like spreadable honey. And it reminds me of Ma, my sweet grandma who is no longer here.

Taking a getaway- good friends, great scenery, a gorgeous cabin and delish food.

Blogs. I adore blog hopping and reading what other people have to say. One of my fav's? The story that brought me to her blog? This one. She is truly an amazing, amazing person.


Immature people. This is a constant loathing tho. It seems that no matter how old some peeps are, they still act like a 6th grader.

Humidity. We hardly had a Spring- its been in the 90's since the end of April. This summer is gonna be a doozey.

What are you loving & loathing?

Until nextime,


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