Saturday, September 29, 2012

Life Lately

I know its been awhile- please accept my apologies. I don't often write about exactly what is going on and sometimes I just kinda "scoot" over the things that are going on. Don't all bloggers? You want to put yourself out there, but most of the time you can't really put yourself out there because sometimes the things you want to say are about people who might happen upon your blog- and then where will you be? Maybe 1 friend down I suppose.

First things first- I am so in love with Blogsy. I was struggling with posting because I fight with my laptop frequently and therefore I am constantly on my iPad. And iPad + blogger = headache. Until I found Blogsy. There are a few other blog apps out there for iPad, but this one got the best reviews.

Where would we be without google? Seriously.

I have to admit I am completely thankful that September is coming to a close. It was a month that had so much going on and created so much stress, that I am just happy to put it all behind us.

A week ago, I left for San Diego for a work function. Every year, we fly out to meet with consultants who work with my office and are in meetings for a few days and they always have such amazing things for us to do planned. Example:

Who doesn't love a cute elephant butt?
We had dinner at the San Diego Zoo- that was closed down, just for our group. If you don't know anything else about me- just know that I LIVE for animals. I would seriously be Dr. Doolittle if I could. Remember when I said I was campaigning for goats? Ya, that is still happening. The next day we had an obstacle course, full of running through a bounce house {have you seriously tried that now that you are a grown up? Its no joke when you get stuck in a crack and you literally cannot.get.out} rowing outrigger, playing dodgeball {I really, really hate games with flying balls. I know, I know...that could go so many ways} amongst other things. It was a good time. Flew home on the red-eye Saturday night and arrived home only to repack my suitcase and head to Florida. And no, it wasn't for an amazing vacation. Stay with me and I will tell you exactly why.
Until next time- I leave you with this.
Fall makes me horribly happy. And who can resist a tiny hedgehog?

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