Friday, August 19, 2011


Its true. Much to my dismay, I have been on a hiatus from running. You know I love to work out and when I don't, I feel like I am slipping down a slippery slope of nothingness. Might seem obsessive to some, but for me its like breathing. As you know, last year I ran. And ran like I never thought I would. Coming back from a horrendous half marathon the end of 2009- taking a 6 month break and coming back April 2010 with the though it my head to try another half and then a Full marathon. So I did it- I avoided injury,pounded the pavement and completed 4 other half marathons and my full in December. I ran one more Half in March and that was the last time I trained for anything. Over the past 5 months I would run here and there, go back to Insanity (love it!) and just try to mix it up. The one issue I had was that I kept eating like I was logging 30+miles a week. Yep- not the best idea. So, I decided put the box of Nilla wafers down and walked away. I kept waiting for the desire to come back. The need for putting on my shoes and sweating out all my thoughts and worries. {One thing to know is that this summer, starting in May has been pushing the 100's + humidity=not most motivating weather}.
So during my hiatus I started golfing. Ya- Tiger better watch it. Hub and I play now almost every weekend. It was last weekend, the weather was actually kind to us in terms of humidity) and I was taking a jaunt across the green in search of my hot pink golf ball, that for some reason had gone into the woods. No- I feel sure that it wasn't my golf swing that caused it. I was sweating and huffing up the hill when it hit me. I miss this. No, not chasing after my untrained golf ball. But I miss the sweating, the work, the planning, the schedule. Okay, and I miss the ability to not care too much about my Nilla wafers. Yes, I may admit that I have a problem when it comes to the Nillies. Whatev.
So, I knew {in my head} that I was going to ramp it up on Monday with my rekindled love & motivation.

And then this happened.

no, this isn't me
Meet my new friend, Bronchitis. Yep- started over the weekend {love weekending-it sick} and I reported to work Monday...only to struggle. Decided to leave early and go to the doc. I knew this wasn't a normal cold- 1) I rarely  get sick- not even once a year. 2) my trusty liquid echinacea wasn't cutting it. And sure enough- I was kicking it with bronchitis. Talk about a huge damper on my newly found motivation. le sigh.

We are on the mend over here though. So far I didn't give it to any coworkers, furbabies or hubly. Fingers crossed.

Hoping to a snot, cough and tissue free weekend!

Much love my peeps!


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