Monday, July 14, 2008


I decided it was time to create a space that I can keep everyone updated on our lives. Our family and friends are scattered about, so we wanted to make something that you can come to and feel like you know how we are doing. I will tell you that I, Sheena, will be the narrator for these blogs. My other half is usually running around with a jack in hand therefore leaving him unavailable for your blogging needs. And besides, I tend to be a pretty good time when I blog- and feel sure that I would tell any story much better than he, so don't feel disappointed.For those left confused as to what my other half is doing...I'll explain later.

So far this year has flown by us. I mean- its already mid-July. Where has 2008 ran off to?
I have managed to find a great job that is very challenging and rewarding all wrapped up into one big ball of orthodontia. I continue to go to school online AND on campus starting this Fall. I know, right? However with a graduation date set of May 9, 2009 I feel much more compelled to try and get through it. At the end, I will have my Bachelor's Degree with a double major in Organizational Management and Criminal Justice. And no, I am not sure where it will lead. Only time will tell.
James has been busy learning the ways of Racing Life. He is still currently on a Hooters ProCup team,but has plans to continue down the dusty trail as soon as luck permits. I dream for him to be happy and to find a position where he feels like he is an important part of their organization. This past year has been challenging for him in more ways than one...but we continue to hold out hope that one day we will rejoice in being part of the NASCAR cup circuit.
I felt like I just wrote another About Us section. But at least we are all on the same page, right?
I suppose that is all for now, as it is way past my bedtime. Will there ever be a time when I don't have one?

Many Hugs,