Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Random things.

As I sit waiting for sheets to dry...I felt like writing and found myself here. There are many random things that are looming in my thoughts that could possibly end up here. So- if you are in the mood for randomness, you have come to the right blog.

Apparently it was mowing day in our neighborhood. This makes me feel many different things. I am happy because it smells like freshly cut grass. I am annoyed because the mosquito's seem to come out in flocks instead of tiny herds. I am annoyed because it wasn't mowing day at the Beck household. Lucky ducks who get to be home all day and mow lawns. How would it be? I love driving down my road to my house and seeing all of the pretty yards...well for the exception of one. No,not mine. But one of my neighbors on the corner. No, I don't know their names. And I don't particularly care..because I don't really do neighbors. For the most part I find them to be an annoyance. Don't worry- I wasn't always like this. Bad neighbors made me this way. You can thank them. We don't live in an actual Subdivision, everyone has at least an acre of land. But apparently these aforementioned neighbors are confused when it comes to mowing their lawn. They only mow around the outside of it. Let me paint a picture. Big lawn, with grass/weeds that are at least a foot high. *wishing I had a picture* And if you look, you will see that the edge has been mowed. Yes, just the edge. Sounds attractive, huh?

Another thing. Why do people wear jeans to the gym? Better yet, why do people forget half of their clothes when they go to the gym? This annoys me. #1, I know that jean material doesn't breathe- and I am sure it feels nice as it chafes your skin. #2. How hard is it to put on a tank top? Apparently very hard for some. I think it should be a requirement.

Just in case you didn't know, we have the cutest dog on the planet. Ah yes, and as I write this she begins a barking tantrum at the washing machine. Lovely. Anyways- for the most part she is so sweet, loving and completely wild. She thinks the sun sets around me. Yes, she loves her daddy- but mommy can hang the moon.

I suppose that's all for now. Tomorrow is an early day for me, which means I have to be AT work at 6:30 in the AM. Hooray for me. And my busy jackman is hitting the road tomorrow. Double hooray for me.



L said...

I can leave a comment! Yay! I'm so glad you have a "child" that loves you. not so much. At least when dad is around. It's sad. But I figure my time will come. I think your writing is so great and funny and wonderful. When you start making lots of money from blogging, will you at least share a little with me? I heart you porkchop.

kmelanese said...

I hate doing yard work but it has to be done. Luckily we have good neighbors that don't bother us and take care of their lawns. The bad part is they make ours look bad...
I am glad you got a blogspot finally!