Monday, July 25, 2011


I thought this rainy Monday would be a purrr-fect time to address the question I get asked 98% of my life. Seriously though- I get asked everyday if I have kids...and when I answer some have enough balls guts to ask...WHY NOT??

Oh my little readers, for soooo many reasons. Now, I shall insert a disclaimer here- there was a time in my life when I was unsure that I wanted kids at all. Like, ever. Thankfully my hub and I have been pretty  united on this front. A little background info- we were HS lovey birds and I got married 2 weeks before I turned the ripe age of 20. Yep- I was a little sprite then. But alas, here we are 7.5 hardearned happy years later. So, now there is quiet chatter of babies and kids and whether or not we think we can handle what this horriblyfilthyscary amazing world has to offer.

Number 3 Reason?

Because I want to travel. I get that kids can still come with you when you travel- but even I know its not the same. Don't lie- you know its not. We are planning an amazing trek to Europe the end of next year- yes, I am one of those that plans extremely far in advance... mainly because we are trying to link up with my seester and her hub for one knockdownamazing good time. And, since he's a Coastie- its hard to know what will happen until they receive orders. But, we'll save that for another post.

Moving  on.

Number 2:

Its just us. Him & me, me & him. Well, and the fur babies. But having a tiny dog and cat watch your baby while you are gone to work? Probably frowned upon. My family is kickin' it in the Bluegrass and up in the Arctic of Alaska...and the hubs' is braving the heat/immigration/economy in the desert of AZ. Yep- so that just leaves us. Which is fine...but I'd much prefer them to be here- like 20 minutes away here. So all you peeps that have any amount of family members just around the corner, even an hour away, please don't complain. Because it makes me wanttopokeyouinthethroat very jelly. K?

And the Number 1 Reason?

Because we just aren't ready. Its pretty simple. We have a list of things that we'd like to accomplish before making that step and while I am aware that you can't be "really" ready- I think you can be pretty close.

So there ya have it. Baby Beck is in the future...I'm just not saying when. ;)

And just in case you didn't know what me and my future baby daddy look like, here ya go.

So- you think we'll have cute babies? All I know, is that if its a little man- he is gonna be drop-dead-handsome. Even when he comes out with that white goop.Even then you'll be able to see his blue, blue smolder eyes. David Beckham and Posh won't have nothin' on Little B.

Until Next time My Sweets,



Ilene McKnight said...

I used to tell people it was because we hadn't made it to that chapter in the book yet. Then I would ask them if they would like to come over an demonstrate how for us. (I was an terrible person back then!) You'll know when you are ready. But until then enjoy yourself because it really does change things.

Miller Fam said...

Do you know why I hate it when people ask that? Because I tried for a couple of years before I was able to get pregnant ( and then between my kids) and it wasnt something I wanted to explain to people who kept asking when we would have a/another baby or why we were spacing them out so far. Was i going to say, "Well, my girlie parts aren't working right, so we're working with some doctors. I go in for....blah blah..." to a perfect stranger who had the nerve to ask me? I know no one meant offense but it was a sensitive subject at the time ;)

deidra said...

Love it, the honesty sprinkled with anticipation
So I say...if you build the little racecar, they will come.
What I really enjoy is how much love you have for one another...anybody would bask in that glow very contentedly

Lisa said...

I can't believe that people still ask that. Gross. You shouldn't have to explain yourself. But I'm glad you did lol. :)