Monday, July 18, 2011

A bit of Brit and Loving & Loathing

I write this as this song  plays in the background...I like it. Though I'll admit I had to ask the hub who sang the tune...Don't shake your head- this is a girl whose walls were plastered with N*Sync and B-ritney. Speaking of the B girl- I am heading to her concert the end of August...and I cannot wait! Yep- I am a -headshavingloving-umbrellapaparazzipoking loving member of Team Britney. Don't Hold it Agaist Me, okay?

How are all my peeps this Mundane Monday? I am thrilled to say that I survived another day in paradise. I really don't have that much to say today...we recently renovated our lower floor bathroom- and I am thrilled with the results. Thrilled I tell you! I promise- pics to come soon.

For now, here is a Loving & Loathing...


Emoji icons in text messages. It might seem ridiculous- but I LOVE getting little picture texts from the hubby. *Little known fact alert* The hubs nickname for me is Chicken. Yep- not cupcake, princess, beautiful goddess or queenbee but Chicken. At first I felt a little jipped- but it has grown on me. And receiving a text mid-day with a
I heart....ya, that's priceless.


When I order from websites that say nothing about an item being backordered. But then, miraculously they email you (after you have paid and order is placed) to say, "Oh! So sorry- the item you ordered is backordered, we apologize for the inconvenience." Oh really? Do you? Do you send out inconvenience cards to the recipients when they don't receive their birthday presents on time? Hmmmm? Yep, this happened to me for the 2nd time in a week today. It was one of those times where a curt email is sent, with a "Please advise" in closing.

That's it for now my chicks- its only appropriate because I am Chicken. Well, and the fact that I'm fairly certain no roosters read this blog.


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Lisa said...

I LOVE you. So much. Also, I am one hundred percent envious of you going to see Britney in concert. Although I did get to see her back in like 2002, and it was awesome. Also, I used to think roosters were chickens and chickens were roosters. Like I was all confused for a LONG time about that. So if I didn't know better, I would say I was a rooster.