Monday, January 19, 2015

14 Weeks

14 weeks

Size of babe:  the nectarine

Weight gain: I honestly have no clue....and don't plan to find out anytime soon. 

Maternity clothes: work clothes- yes. I can still wear some of my pre-pregnancy pants depending on the day...and several shirts work still. 
Gender:  no clue...and I have no feeling either way. But we can find out in a few weeks!
Nursery: This one is starting to take shape but will be on hold until a) we know what Baby Beck is and b) we are trying to move....
Movement: Not that I can feel. :)
Sleep: It’s  pretty good. Up once a night to tinkle, but I recently embraced a Body pillow and it's been my friend. 
What I miss: still missing my pup. But not missing too much else. 
Best moment this week: finding out my best friend (who is 8 weeks ahead of me) is having a sweet baby girl. 
Looking forward to: finding out is this nugget is a boy or girl. 
Cravings: these are still true, which is why I haven't really changed. I appreciate grapefruit a lot right now- especially real grapefruit juice, like it came right outta the fruit...and cereal. Cereal has saved my life. Oh- and egg burritos from Sonic with salsa and ketchup. We finally went back to our fav sushi place where I had cooked sushi. I seriously almost died. So good. 
Symptoms: pretty much the same. Definitely having more days of feeling better. Only taking Zofran half the time now.  
Workouts:  still holding steady to the Piyo train. Being able to workout makes me really happy!

Stretch Marks: not yet. Crossing fingers over here.

Happy or Moody: depends on the day. A bit of both.

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