Monday, January 19, 2015

A new Chapter...Week #12

Beginning our journey with our Baby Beck... Coming July 2015. 
12 Weeks

Size of babe:  a sweet plum... 2.5" long. 
Weight gain: This one will be the bain of my existence... My scale says 6 lbs, my doctor says 10. For obvious reasons we shall go with mine. 
Birthing process update: We are pretty far from this I'll probably remove it for the time being.
Maternity clothes: going shopping this week because the work pants situation MUST be addressed. The belly band has saved me the past couple weeks. Most of my shirts still work but...I think its time to prepare for this the bump. 
Gender:  no clue...and I have no feeling either way. But we can find out in a few weeks!
Nursery: This one is starting to take shape but will be on hold until a) we know what Baby Beck is and b) we are trying to move....
Movement: Not that I can feel. :)
Sleep: It’s okay. I always wake up once a night for tinkle reasons and we shall be ordering a pregnancy pillow soon. Although- the crazy dreams can take a hike... The other night I dreamt that men attacked my husband on a train (I have had this dream before, except we were in a Chinese medical center- I have no idea) and they put my cat to sleep to use her to apply varnish to hardwood floors... Seriously, wtf? I had crazy dreams prior to being pregnant but this is getting old.
What I miss: feeling like myself and having energy. Oh, and not throwing up.  
Best moment this week: Hearing BB's heartbeat today...still scooting along at 170 bpm. And my doctor confirming that it was okay for me to continue working out and not worry about my exact heart rate and do what I felt was okay. Yes, I do know myself better than anyone and I appreciate her saying that.
Looking forward to: Christmas...and buying some pants that fit me. AND, the second trimester. *throws glitter*
Cravings: I can't really say "cravings"...things either sound good or they don't. I appreciate grapefruit a lot right now- especially real grapefruit juice, like it came right outta the fruit...and cereal. Cereal has saved my life. Oh- and egg burritos from Sonic with salsa and ketchup. Yes please.
Symptoms: Let's see...a protruding belly, the occasional throwing up (I say occasional because I take Zofran like its my job, constipation (just keepin' it real- I recently learned Zofran causes that big time which is super), and feeling narcoleptic...but then getting bursts of energy. 
Workouts:  Since I change weeks on Monday- I'll go with what I did last week. A few barre classes, a 2mile run with park workout and my Piyo dvd. I'm hoping to get back to 6 days consistently...once the energy fairy gets back to me.

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